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Personal injury law is a special branch of civil law dealing with injuries to people’s bodies and emotions. It is generally used as a synonym for a personal injury lawsuit where the injured party has suffered physical damage to his/her body or mind as opposed to physical injuries to another property. Personal injury occurs when one or more people are hurt due to someone else’s negligence, and that negligence is legally attributed to another party. This is generally done for a purpose such as medical negligence, business negligence, consumer products, defective products, etc. and results in physical damages that are classified as being a personal injury, in that it is of a nature that caused physical harm to an individual in some way.

Our Newark New Jersey Personal Injury Attorney is specialized to handle personal injuries as part of their legal practice. They take the case on behalf of the victim and then file a complaint against the negligent party. Our Personal injury lawyers take a wide range of cases and specialize in particular kinds of personal injuries. Our accident attorneys deal with these cases at no charge from their clients, although they do get paid if they win the case. Personal injury attorneys are usually not included in the list of attorneys in the state where they practice, and they can only practice in the state in which they are licensed to practice. In the US, state laws regarding personal injury vary greatly, and it is necessary to make sure that a personal injury attorney is practicing in the jurisdiction where he is practicing.

It is important to take advantage of our free consultations if you do not have enough money to hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in Newark New Jersey. It may also be beneficial to find out more about our Personal Injury Law Firm. You will be able to get information from former clients of their experiences in our Testimonial section, you need to know that you are in good hands. You should always remember that having a great lawyer on your side can make all the difference in your case.

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Personal injury law can vary depending on what side of the bridge your injury occurred and what side of the bridge you live in. We realize that New York City and the Newark New Jersey metropolitan area function as one distinct region. We operate one office in Newark New Jersey and one in New York City so our clients can visit us at their convenience.
Our Newark New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyers offer free consultations, so please do not hesitate to explore your legal options. You can email us or call 800-469-6476 to set up an appointment.


How Does A Personal Injury Lawyer Help You?

Personal injury lawyers help people who have suffered injuries from automobile accidents to obtain monetary damages. These damages are usually required to cover medical expenses, pay for lost income, pay for pain and suffering, as well as pay compensation for injuries sustained. These injuries include whiplash, spinal cord injuries, back pain, sprained ankles, broken bones, and more. Some other injuries that are covered by the law include traumatic brain injury, mental anguish, permanent disfigurement, or permanent disability. The amount of damages a person can seek varies from state to state and depends on the state’s laws. Personal injury lawyers can advise you on what your rights are and what options are available to you.

When hiring a personal injury lawyer, it is important to know what they specialize in. Personal injury lawyers who are experienced will not only help you get the best settlement possible but also will help you get it quickly. Most lawyers charge a flat fee or an hourly rate depending on the services they provide.

Personal injury lawyers can also help you if you are involved in an accident that requires you to take medical attention. These injuries can be serious if they are not treated properly. If you feel that you should contact a lawyer to represent your case, do so at once to ensure you receive the best results possible.

If we are not available to take your call immediately, we will return your call promptly. We encourage current clients to stop by with questions without an appointment.

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    Proper handling of your legal concerns will determine whether you receive full compensation for:
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    Pain and suffering
    Other accident-related costs


    What Are the Causes and Risks Associated With Accidents?

    Accidents are often unavoidable and are part of everyday life. Whether you are in a car accident or in a motorcycle accident, there are some common injuries that you will experience. Some injuries are minor, while others may be life-threatening. In order to avoid getting injured in an accident, it is important that you understand your rights and have someone by your side to assist you if needed.

    Car accidents

    Also known as vehicular accidents, vehicle accidents, or car accidents occur when an automobile collides with a pedestrian, animal, street object, or any other stationary object, such as a building, pole, or fence. Most accidents occur in urban areas and the most common places where vehicles collide with pedestrians are sidewalks, parking lots, and crosswalks, speeding, not paying attention to the road, or even getting distracted. Speeding is one of the biggest contributing factors to vehicular accidents because many drivers do not slow down enough to let pedestrians pass safely.

    Motorcycle Accident

    One of the most common types of accidents is slip and fall accidents are common and sometimes fatal, yet unfortunately, most drivers do not know how to avoid them. Common types of slip and fall accidents include left-turn collisions – these accidents can be very dangerous and even fatal. Slip and fall accidents occur when a motorist fails to look both ways before turning. This may seem obvious but it can still cause an accident. You can avoid having an accident by taking steps to stay safe while you drive. While many accidents occur when riding a motorbike, they also occur when riders of both types of cars, trucks, and buses or vans are involved. Many motorcycle accidents are caused when the rider of a motorbike does not realize that a car in front is swerving in front of them is driving at a much faster speed. If a motorbike swerves in front of you, the motorbike is in the way and could cause you to hit it.

    Slip and Fall Accidents

    Slip and Fall accidents can be deadly and also very dangerous. If a pedestrian slips or falls, he could end up hitting his head and getting seriously injured. Sometimes when you are at home or out on the street, things happen that lead to slip and fall accidents. For instance, if you are walking down the sidewalk, you may slip or slide on the slippery surface. The first thing to do is to stop immediately. There are times when people tend to walk around and continue to walk down the road when they need to move quickly. If they do not realize you or do not act quickly enough, you may collide with them and cause severe injuries.

    Work Accidents

    If you are working, it is imperative that you understand your safety protocol before starting your workday. You should always wear personal protective equipment like a safety vest, helmet, or other types of helmet. If you are wearing personal protective equipment, the employer should require you to use personal protective equipment when you are at work. This includes not only personal protective equipment, but also other items such as ear protectors, safety boots, and even sunglasses for protection from the sun.

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