Buena Vista, NJ – Ada Roman Killed, Driver Injured in Two-Car Accident on Rt 40 near Rt 54

Buena Vista, NJ – Ada Roman Killed, Driver Injured in Two-Car Accident on Rt 40 near Rt 54

Buena Vista, NJ (June 28, 2023) – A passenger lost their life, and a driver was seriously hurt in a two-car collision that occurred at an intersection in Buena Vista, Atlantic County. The incident was reported to officials early Saturday, June 24. 

A vehicle was headed east on Route 40 in Buena Vista when it crashed into a southbound vehicle on Route 54 just before 1:00 a.m., according to information from state police. One passenger was present in the vehicle at the time, identified as Ada M. Roman, 36, a Vineland resident, who lost her life in the accident. 

The driver, a man from Vineland, age 41, suffered serious injuries in the accident. The other vehicle’s driver was identified as a man from New Castle, Delaware, age 62, who suffered minor injuries in the collision. 

State police continue to investigate the details of the incident. We want to offer our sincere condolences to the deceased victim’s family at this time. 

We hope for the full and fast recovery of the injured victim. 

No further information has been reported at this time.

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