57-year-old woman killed by motorist while walking in New Jersey

57-year-old woman killed by motorist while walking in New Jersey

On Nov. 26, a 57-year-old pedestrian from Newark was struck down in a vehicle accident. The Essex County chief assistant prosecutor said that the woman was hit at the intersection of Bloomfield Avenue, Park Avenue and Crittenden Street. Police did not specify where she was in relation to the roadway when she was hit nor provide any insight into what may have caused the pedestrian accident.

Reports said that the collision occurred at around 9:15 p.m., but visibility levels were not cited as an official contributing factor. It remains unknown how long the woman remained at the scene after being struck. She was subsequently transported to nearby University Hospital with unspecified injuries, but police said that she was declared dead 15 minutes afterwards. The motorist failed to stop after hitting the woman, and police did not say whether this was willful or because the driver simply didn’t know they had struck a person.

Reports failed to indicate if any witnesses had observed the collision, but authorities believe they have a few clues that might help identify the vehicle. The major crimes task force of the prosecutor’s office was investigating the accident at the time of reporting, and authorities said they thought the offending motorist was driving a four-door silver Dodge Neon.

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