A Car Accident Can Be Emotionally Devastating For All Involved

A Car Accident Can Be Emotionally Devastating For All Involved

Being involved in an automobile accident, even a small one, as a passenger or as a driver is a traumatic and frightening experience. One minute you are minding your own business and the next your life seems like something right out the pages of a Shakespearean tragedy. The worst part is, in the seconds before the crash, you probably realize what is going to happen but you are powerless to do anything about it. 

Then, of course, there’s the moment of impact which appears to play out in slow motion. In the aftermath, there will be sirens, flashing lights and people coming at you from every direction. In an instant, your day or your week or maybe even your life has been forever changed.

Eventually, the blame will be assigned, the insurance paperwork will be dealt with, the car will be replaced or repaired, and the physical wounds treated. The emotional injuries, however, could last much longer.

Emotional After Effects

A Car Accident Can Be Emotionally Devastating

Immediately following the accident, if you are injured, the paramedics will take care of you. Even if you aren’t physically wounded, the first symptom of emotional trauma that affects people is some form of shock. Shaking, feeling nauseated and dizzy, breathing heavily, sweating and having cold, clammy skin are all signs of shock.

Some accident victims go into “autopilot” at the site, doing everything they are supposed to, such as getting the details of the other people involved, taking pictures of the scene and giving a formal statement to the police. When things have quieted down, they can undergo a delayed shock, which can occur minutes or even hours after the accident and last for days, or much, much longer in certain cases.

The shock might grow into anxiety. This could cause the victim to replay the accident over and over again in their mind. They might be thinking about what they could have done to avoid such a situation, what they should have done differently. They might blame themselves, even if the accident was not considered to be their fault. They might experience intense anger at the other people who were involved. These symbols of anxiety are common following an accident and will typically decrease after a fairly short period of time.

For other people, the emotional consequences are long-term and can impact several different aspects of their lives, and the lives of their families. They find it difficult to sleep and usually feel annoyed and angry. They take these negative feelings out on those who are closest to them. Apathy, lethargy, and trouble concentrating could also generate issues at home and at work. Antisocial feelings and a reluctance to talk to anyone can easily cause them to become withdrawn.

Experiencing emotional distress after a car accident is far more common than most people realize. Whether you are able to collect on emotional damages that you have suffered varies widely from case to case. That is why it is imperative to speak to a qualified personal injury attorney as soon as possible after you have been involved in a car accident.

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