Accidents Caused By Animals In the Roadway

Accidents Caused By Animals In the Roadway

The Prevalence of Animal-Related Accidents

Nearly every motorist has come across this scenario: you are about to hit an animal in the roadway. Depending on who the driver is, one of two reactions will occur to this issue. Either the driver will hit the animal that is on the road, or the driver will try to avoid the animal on the road. This situation is common, and it is difficult to make the right decision when we are faced with it. On average, more than one million animals are killed by drivers every day on our roads, which just shows how prevalent this issue truly is.

For many drivers, seeing an animal in their lane will cause them to attempt to avoid the animal, which can often lead to accidents and injuries occurring. These accidents are often very frustrating for those who are innocently involved, and it can tangle their lives in debt and injuries that are difficult to get away from. Following these accidents, it’s important that those who were hit by the person at fault to seek the help of a personal injury lawyer; that way, they can start the process of getting their lives back on track.

How Animals Cause Accidents

Accidents Caused By Animals In the Roadway

When animals are in our way in the road, there are a few ways an accident can occur. These ways include:

A driver moving into a lane suddenly: Often, when there is an obstacle in the road, our first instinct is to avoid it. Unfortunately, many people attempt to do this by swerving into a new lane, which can be occupied by another vehicle already. This will cause an accident to occur, which can lead to injuries for all of those involved in the accident.

A driver hitting their brakes hard: When a driver suddenly hits their brakes hard, it can cause a chain reaction to occur. Every driver behind this person will need to brake, and unfortunately, someone can end up being rear-ended by a driver who is not paying attention to the road ahead of them. While braking is the best thing you can do for an animal in the roadway, it can lead to an accident when others are not paying attention to those around them, which is why it’s so important that you pay attention to the road to avoid being swept up in such a collision.

A driver losing control of their vehicle: If a driver is attempting to avoid an animal in the road, they can end up losing control of their vehicle, depending on how they were attempting to avoid the animal. This can cause their vehicle to hit one or more vehicles as they attempt to regain control, which can and will lead to injuries occurring to all those involved in the accident.

New York and New Jersey Vehicle Accident Injury Lawyer

While we do not want to hit an animal on the road, we also do not want to hit another driver or pedestrian. It’s important to be as cautious as possible on our roads to avoid accidents, but when we cannot avoid these issues, we can turn to personal injury lawyers to help us. At Metro Law, our team of New York and New Jersey personal injury lawyers are ready and happy to help you following your accident. We have years of experience helping others with similar accidents, and we know we can help you too. Call our office today to see what we can do for you and your case at (973) 721–9984.