Aggressive Dog Breeds

Aggressive Dog Breeds

Dog Bites Across America

Dogs have always been an important part of American life. Dogs are some of our first best friends, they are some of our first protectors, and they are often times our first pet. Dogs are found in millions of homes across America, and they are beloved by a multitude of people. To come across a home without a dog today is nearly unheard of, and it’s something that many people today can’t fathom to experience.

With all of these dogs living across America, it’s an unfortunate but true statistic that some of these dogs will bite. Unfortunately, not everyone has trained their dog well enough to know that biting is not acceptable, and so those who come near those dogs can suffer from bites. Bites from a dog can be costly, with a reported $700 million being paid to victims through homeowner’s claims in 2017. These claims help to pay for the victim’s surgeries, their medicine, and possible physical therapy for those who are in need of it. Although some want to brush off dog bites as no big deal, they are in fact quite serious injuries that can result in frustrating healing times and lost opportunities in work and recreational life.

Dog bites are the responsibility of the homeowner of the dog. Much like if a homeowner does not fix a crack in their driveway which causes someone to fall, a dog biting someone and causing them injury is the responsibility of the person who houses that dog. Dog bites are serious, and if you have experienced being bitten by an aggressive dog whose owner wants to try to brush it off as no big deal, you should consider how the help of a knowledgeable dog bite attorney can turn your situation around and get you back on your feet.

Aggressive Dog Breeds

While any dog can be aggressive, there are some breeds who consistently come up when it comes to bites and attacks. A list of eleven breeds, according to Forbes, who are considered aggressive are:

  1. Pit Bulls & Staffordshire Terriers
  2. Doberman Pinschers
  3. Rottweilers
  4. German Shepherds
  5. Chows
  6. Great Danes
  7. Presa Canarios
  8. Akitas
  9. Alaskan Malamutes
  10. Siberian Huskies
  11. Wolf-hybrids

Again, it should be noted that any dog can be dangerous. There are many breeds on this list who are well trained and there are many breeds who are not on this list that can cause serious damage with a bite. The best way to protect yourself is to not approach an unknown dog or to talk with a dog’s owner to see if they are friendly before trying to pet it. These simple acts are usually enough to stop an attack from occurring, and allow someone to escape needing medical care.

Dog Bite Lawyers for You

Suffering from a dog bite can be painful and aggravating. When a dog bites you, you will need to assess your injury with a trained medical professional, and in some situations, you will need to be seen by someone who is trained to fix wounds that are extremely damaging to either the skin or muscle under the skin. When a dog bites you and the owner of the dog does not want to pay you what you are owed, consider looking to a professional to help your case. At, we can help you go over your case, figure out what you are owed, and get you the settlement that you deserve. Call us today to talk to our lawyers at (800) – 469 – 6476.