Queens, N.Y. – Three Injured After Accident Involving Armored Vehicle at 200t

Queens, N.Y. – Three Injured After Accident Involving Armored Vehicle at 200t

Queens, N.Y. (January 28, 2019) – Three people have been left with injuries following an accident involving an armored truck and a car, according to the police. The New York vehicle accident occurred on Monday afternoon at the intersection on 115th Avenue and 200th Street.

The NYPD stated that around 1 p.m., the armored truck appeared to have run a stop sign and then hit a BMW convertible, causing the van to flip onto its side and on top of the BMW. Two people within the truck and one person within the BMW received minor injuries from the accident, according to police. The money within the truck was all accounted for and moved to a new armored truck after the accident.

As of this posting, no charges have been filed in connection with this accident.

Vehicle Accidents in New York

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