Atlantic City, NJ – Almir Pachariz Killed in Traffic Crash at Artic Ave & N Missouri Ave

Atlantic City, NJ – Almir Pachariz Killed in Traffic Crash at Artic Ave & N Missouri Ave

Atlantic City, NJ (May 1, 2023) – A Taxi customer lost their life in a traffic accident while getting a ride on the morning of Sunday, April 30. At around 3:40 a.m., a Taxi become involved in a collision with another vehicle in Atlantic City. 

The wreck occurred at the intersection of Artic Avenue and North Missouri Avenue. The customer who lost their life was identified as 49-year-old Almir Pachariz. He was transported to AtlantiCare-City Division to be treated for his injuries, however, he lost his life shortly after arriving at the hospital. 

Police in Atlantic City continue to investigate the circumstances of the accident. Few other details are currently available to report. 

Our thoughts are with everyone affected by this fatal accident in Atlantic City. 

We want to offer our sincere condolences to the loved ones of Almir Pachariz at this time. 

New Jersey Auto Accidents

Fatal car crashes have become one of the main contributing factors to fatalities among Americans. Each year, over 40,000 individuals lose their lives in auto collisions in the United States. These wrecks occur for reasons that vary, ranging from bad weather to car problems. However, driver negligence is the main cause of the majority of auto collisions reported throughout the country. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that 4 out of 5 car crashes reported in the US are the result of driver negligence/error. 

Drivers who are distracted, intoxicated, speeding, or over-tired cause millions of car crashes every year that end in injuries and fatalities. For example, more than 400,000 car accidents take place throughout the nation each year caused by distracted driving. Also, over 3,000 lose their lives in these wrecks caused by drivers who are not paying close enough attention to the road in front of them and their immediate surroundings. 

Recently, more than 11,000 individuals lost their lives due to the actions of drivers who were speeding. Additionally, more than 100,000 car crashes happen annually due to the actions of fatigued drivers. Unfortunately, in today’s world, drivers have all too many reasons to become distracted while driving, which can prove to be a deadly problem.

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