Biker’s arm may prevent you from ever riding again

Biker’s arm may prevent you from ever riding again

Spring is a wonderful time for motorcycle riders. After you have suffered through New Jersey’s cold winter, you use spring and early summer to dust off your bike and hit the road. Until drivers remember to look twice, though, you have an increased risk of a motorcycle accident. In fact, more than 60 percent of motorcycle collisions happen because motorists do not see motorcyclists.

One of the most common injuries in a slide, collision or crash is biker’s arm. Unfortunately, the condition often causes extensive nerve damage. In severe cases, biker’s arm may result in lifelong paralysis. To avoid the injury, you must understand what it is. You also must know how to minimize injury during a motorcycle wreck.

Why biker’s arm happens 

As you probably know, the human body has reflexes. Without thinking, riders typically extend their arms during a crash. This makes sense, as using arms to cushion a blow often prevents injuries to the head, neck and torso. Biker’s arm can occur if you try to cushion your fall in an accident by extending your arm, often resulting in the bike falling on the arm. Still, you use your arms every day. If you develop biker’s arm, you may not be able to ever ride your bike again. You may also experience a variety of collateral consequences.

How riders experience biker’s arm 

Like virtually all medical conditions, individuals experience biker’s arm in a few different ways. That is, your symptoms may vary depending on the severity of the condition. In minor cases, you may have soreness, numbness or tingling. In more severe ones, though, you may have very little control over one or both arms.

What motorcyclists do to prevent injury 

To avoid an injury on the road, you must always wear protective gear when you ride. A reinforced jacket, for example, helps prevent road rash. Unfortunately, though, gear does not usually do a good job of stopping biker’s arm. Instead, you must always ride carefully and defensively to minimize your chances of developing the condition.

If you sustain any type of injury on your motorcycle, you must focus on your recovery. You may also need to act quickly to secure compensation from those responsible for an accident. By understanding biker’s arm, though, you may be able to avoid it altogether.