Birth injuries resulting in maternal death

Birth injuries resulting in maternal death

Expecting mothers in New Jersey and elsewhere have much exciting for the upcoming arrival of their baby. However, expecting mothers also have many concerns. There is a common understanding that complications could occur. These complications could impact the life of the newborn as well as the mother delivering the baby. Although complications are possible, they are also often considered unpreventable. In contrast, medical errors and mistakes are considered preventable. When a medical mistake leads to a birth injury, this could compromise the health and even the life of a newborn or the mother.

While birth injuries are often associated with newborns suffering harm, the mother too could suffer life-threatening birth injuries as well. In fact, this form of medical malpractice could be fatal, causing maternal death during the labor and delivery process.

While advancements in healthcare has helped to make common procedures and medical maters safer, this does not guard against the negligence of medical professionals. When medical errors lead to birth injuries to a mother, resulting in maternal death. The causes of a mother’s wrongful death could include heat problems, such as cardiomyopathy, a massive postpartum hemorrhage, preeclampsia, infections and blood clots.

When a maternal death occurs because of a birth injury, it is important to explore what options are available. Losing a loved one because of the negligence of a medical professional is a challenging and emotional event. Thus, it is vital to consider a medical malpractice action, which could help offset the damages suffered by a wrongful death. This could help address medical bills, lost wages and other related losses.

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