Birth trauma could cause PTSD

Birth trauma could cause PTSD

Preparing for the birth of a baby is a major and, usually, joyful life event. Whether this is a woman’s first child or not, there are many fears and concerns during pregnancy, labor and delivery. If something were to go wrong or a medical professional does something wrong, harm could be suffered to the newborn and even to the mother.

PTSD is associated with a traumatic event. Most think of a war vet or an assault victim when it comes to this type of trauma, but mothers who dealt with a birth trauma can also suffer from PTSD. Whether it is due to a miscarriage, preterm delivery, birth injury or any other complex or tragic event involving pregnancy and birth, women can suffer severe anxiety when put in similar situations, such as a subsequent pregnancy or delivery.

Roughly 10% of women who experienced a previous pregnancy complication meet the criteria for PTSD, with another 30% meeting partial criteria. While studies find that most of these women recover after a year, about a third of these women develop chronic symptoms. Pregnant women with PTSD are more likely to have complications with their pregnancy. It is important that these women understand what recourses they might have. A medical malpractice action may be a possible step to take.

A birth injury can take on many forms. While oftentimes we associate it with the harm caused to a newborn during the pregnancy or delivery process, it can also be the harm suffered to the mother during this timeframe as well. A birth trauma can cause a mother significant pain and emotional harm. It is important to understand what legal recourses could be taken. A medical malpractice action could be very beneficial. This civil action not only seeks to hold a negligent medical professional accountable, but also helps the injured mother attempt to secure financial compensation for the damages suffered.

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