Bronx, NY – One Killed in Collision on Castle Hill Ave near Hermany Ave

Bronx, NY – One Killed in Collision on Castle Hill Ave near Hermany Ave

Bronx, NY (September 27, 2023) – One man lost his life in a fatal pedestrian crash in the Bronx on Monday evening, September 25. Police report that Mohammed Rahman, of Soundview, was killed while he was attempting to cross Castle Hill Avenue. 

The collision occurred on Castle Hill Avenue between Turnbull and Hermany Avenues at around 9:00 p.m. The victim was struck by a 1994 Infiniti sedan headed north on Castle Hill Avenue. 

Reports show that Rahman was thrown to the ground during the crash, suffering a severe head injury. He was pronounced deceased at the scene by emergency medical crews. 

The driver of the Infiniti stayed at the scene and cooperated with police. He was found to have been intoxicated at the time and was charged with vehicular manslaughter, failing to yield, DUI, and more. 

Police in the Bronx continue to investigate the details of the accident. 

We want to offer our sincere condolences to the family of the deceased victim.

Pedestrian Crashes in New York

Bronx, NY - One Killed in Collision on Castle Hill Ave near Hermany AveTraffic accidents have become the main factor in the causation of serious injuries and death among individuals in the United States. Especially in the past decade, negligent driving has risen to the top of the list of reasons why traffic collisions take place. According to information from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over 40% of of all auto accident deaths can be attributed to intoxicated driving, while over 30% are caused by reckless driving. Other forms of negligent driving that often contribute to serious auto accidents that end in injuries include fatigue and speeding. 

Pedestrians are at an increased risk of suffering serious injuries or losing their lives if they become involved in traffic accidents. This is due to the fact that they travel with no protection against the force of fast, heavy vehicles. Over 5,000 pedestrians are killed per year in traffic collisions throughout the United States.

Across the United States, every day, nearly 8,000 individuals suffer injuries in auto collisions. When we consider that the majority of these crashes are caused by negligence, we realize that America has a serious problem. Drivers need to remain awake, alert, and sober at all times. Because driving is such a common activity carried out by such a large percentage of the population on a daily basis, it seems that we forget the inherent dangers that are ever present while we operate our motor vehicles. 

If you or someone you love has been hurt in a car accident, and you believe it may have been caused by a negligent driver, you may be eligible to collect compensation for a long list of damages that you may be facing at this time. Your injuries may be keeping you from working or living your life the way you want to, which can be painful on a lot of different levels. Not only are you suffering from physical pain, but you may also be suffering on an emotional level. Additionally, your bank account could also be suffering due to the costs that stem from your accident. 

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