Bronx, NY – Ten People Injured in Accident with MTA Bus on E 180th St

Bronx, NY – Ten People Injured in Accident with MTA Bus on E 180th St

Bronx, NY (July 28, 2023) – Police in the Bronx responded to the scene of an injury crash in West Farms on Sunday night, July 23. Reports show a van collided with the back of an MTA bus for reasons still under police investigation. 

A portion of East 180th Street was full of shattered glass due to the accident, and at least ten individuals were injured in the collision. Paramedics treated three individuals at the scene, and seven others were transported to the hospital. 

The incident occurred at around 7:00 p.m. near Mohegan Avenue on East 18th Street. Police in the Bronx continue to investigate the details of the accident. 

We hope for the full and fast recovery of the injured victims.

New York Bus Accidents

Bronx, NY - Ten People Injured in Accident with MTA Bus on E 180th StCommercial buses were involved in about 5% of all large vehicle crashes throughout the nation in 2005. Approximately 14% of all large vehicle wrecks in the Empire State involved buses that same year. A study conducted concerning bus crashes for that same period revealed that a total of 40 buses were involved in 39 accidents that ended in serious injuries and fatalities.

Research also showed that, in approximately 50% of those crashes, the bus driver or company was partially responsible. The most common causes listed for bus wrecks usually include: 

  • Speeding
  • Illegal lane changes
  • Illegal turns
  • Driver distraction
  • Failing to remain on the roadway during lane changes
  • Defective brakes
  • Tailgating

Public carriers such as bus drivers have a professional duty to adhere to the utmost standard of care while operating their vehicles. Bus companies are responsible for maintaining their vehicles in proper working condition to guarantee the complete safety of their passengers. If bus drivers do not adhere to these safety rules and regulations, they can risk their own lives and the lives of their passengers, as well as their jobs as bus drivers. Driver negligence is a serious and common problem throughout the nation, taking the lives of tens of thousands of people per year and injuring over 2 million individuals annually. 

After a severe bus crash, those with injuries may be hospitalized for days or weeks while they attempt to recover from their accident-related injuries. The economic, physical, and emotional damages of any traffic accident are often cumulative. Injured crash victims and their family members should not need to fight to recover from their injuries. If you or someone you love were recently hurt in an accident caused by a negligent driver, you should be able to recover without worrying about going broke. A personal injury lawyer can help you file a personal injury claim so you can get the financial compensation you need and deserve during this difficult time. An attorney can also help hold negligent parties accountable so they are less likely to put others at risk in the future.

Those who sustain injuries in bus crashes often need ongoing medical care that may last for months or longer. These treatments can be extensive and expensive and take up a lot of time, money, and energy. Contact an experienced bus attorney in New York at  (800) 469-6476 to find out what compensation you could be entitled to if you or a loved one suffered injuries in a commercial bus accident.