Brooklyn, N.Y. – Motorist Attacked and Stabbed in Road Rage Incident in Bensonhurst

Brooklyn, N.Y. – Motorist Attacked and Stabbed in Road Rage Incident in Bensonhurst

Brooklyn, N.Y. (January 17, 2019) – A motorist has been left beaten and stabbed in a road rage incident late Thursday night. The physical assault happened in Brooklyn in the neighborhood of Bensonhurst. Surveillance videos show the attack happen at the intersection of 1st and 65thstreet, with a red Infinity stopped at a green light and a blue Volvo behind it.

The Volvo driver, identified as a 53-year-old man, honked at the Infinity, attempting to get the Infinity driver’s attention to drive through the green light. The Volvo’s honk, however, incited rage in the Infinity’s occupants. The driver and passenger of the Infinity got out of their car, yelling at the Volvo driver before forcing him out of his vehicle where he was punched and stabbed by the assailants. After the attack, the two attackers returned to their vehicle and left the scene.

The Volvo driver was taken to Maimonides Medical Center to treat his stab wounds, according to officials. Both suspects in this case are still at large.

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