Brooklyn, NY – BQE Scene of Injury Wreck near Morgan Ave

Brooklyn, NY – BQE Scene of Injury Wreck near Morgan Ave

Brooklyn, NY (May 3, 2023) – A serious car crash was reported to officials in Brooklyn on the evening of May 3. Shortly before 7:00 p.m., crews were sent to the scene on the Brooklyn Queens Expressway (BQE).

Information provided by local police shows the crash happened on the BQE at Morgan & Meeker Avenues. Traffic was stopped back to the Williamsburg Bridge/Metropolitan Ave while emergency responders worked to help the people involved in the accident. 

One or more patients were taken to the hospital to be treated for injuries they sustained in the accident. Few other details have been reported at this time. 

Our thoughts are with those involved as we hope for their full recovery.

New York Car Crashes

 Brooklyn, NY - BQE Scene of Injury Wreck near Morgan Aves

If you’ve been injured in an accident, you know how hard it can be to recover from your injuries, especially if they are severe.  Although you may be feeling alone and overwhelmed after you’re hurt in a serious accident, you have legal options available to you that may be able to help you make a full financial recovery.  As New York car accident statistics reveal, thousands of people become involved and injured in severe New York car wrecks every year. 

In fact, an article from Forbes magazine named New York home to the “second worst drivers” throughout the entire United States. In one recently recorded year, over 276,000 total auto collisions happened throughout the Empire State. Of those accidents, nearly 60,000 caused injuries, and over 500 resulted in death. More than 215,000 led to property damage.

When you or a loved one of yours has been seriously hurt in a car crash, you should be able to determine how the accident happened, especially if you know it was caused by someone else. If you know it was someone else’s fault, you should contact a car crash attorney. A car crash lawyer in Brooklyn can help you file a personal injury claim for compensation. Driver negligence is the culprit behind the majority of the auto collisions that occur in the US. For instance, more than 11,000 people lose their lives in car crashes caused by speeding in the US each year. Additionally, more than 400,000 vehicle accidents are caused by distracted driving annually.

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