Brooklyn, NY – Five-Year-Old Hospitalized After Near-Drowning at City Pool, Lifeguard Inaction Being Blamed

Brooklyn, NY – Five-Year-Old Hospitalized After Near-Drowning at City Pool, Lifeguard Inaction Being Blamed

Brooklyn, NY (July 26, 2022) – A Good Samaritan rescued a 5-year-old boy who almost drowned in a pool in a park in Brooklyn on Sunday, July 24th. 

At about 7:10 p.m., 36-year-old Anthony Torres, a resident of Long Island City, who was swimming nearby noticed the child facedown in the pool at McCarren Park and immediately took action.  

Torres said that no one was making an attempt to save the boy who was “submerged and slumped over, face down.”

Bystanders were pointing and staring in shock as Torres, a former lifeguard himself, called out for help to the Parks Department lifeguards who did not appear to be acting. 

After successfully getting the child to the side of the pool, Torres turned the child over so he could expel the water in his lungs. According to sources, the 5-year-old was non-responsive. 

It was only then that two lifeguards came over to administer CPR. After about three minutes, they managed to resuscitate the victim. 

EMS then transported the child, who was alert and conscious, to Woodhull Hospital in unknown condition. 

Eyewitnesses are crediting Torres with taking the necessary steps to ensure the boy’s survival. 

One pool-goer said the lifeguards on duty were squabbling about what they should do instead of actually doing anything. 

After the incident, the New York Police Department and the Parks Department shut down the pool in order to conduct an investigation. 

Our thoughts are with the injured victim and their family at this time. We hope for their full recovery.

Drownings and Near-Drownings Due to Lifeguard Negligence in New York

Brooklyn, NY - Five-Year-Old Hospitalized After Near-Drowning at City Pool, Lifeguard Inaction to Blame

From 2007 to 2016, the United States witnessed more than 3,500 accidental drowning deaths and 7,700 non-fatal injuries. Roughly 34% of these fatal drownings took place with an on-duty lifeguard nearby and took less than 60 seconds. 

It is a lifeguard’s responsibility to save prevent pool-related accidents from occurring and to save people from drowning. Lifeguards are entrusted with your general safety and well-being and can only be certified after they have met strict qualifications. Anytime a lifeguard fails to act quickly and in accordance with their training, serious injuries or fatalities are often the result. 

Lifeguard negligence can lead to injury and death when they:

  • Are not adequately trained in the rescue of distressed victims
  • Are not suitably trained in the performance of life-saving procedures such as first aid or CPR
  • Are not properly supervising the visitors of the beach or pool
  • Failed to have the necessary tools for their job, such as a first-aid kit or floatation devices 
  • Shows up to work hungover, tired, under the influence, or otherwise unprepared causing them to neglect their duties
  • Takes an unscheduled or unauthorized break
  • Fails to warn swimmers about dangerous pool conditions
  • Fails to protect the beach or pool and surrounding areas from unsafe activities
  • Fails to notice a potential threat 
  • Fails to implement or enforce the rules

Lifeguard negligence can also involve poor judgment like being distracted by talking to a friend or failing to warn a patron about running on a slippery pool-side deck.  

It may also be the case, as it sometimes is, that the negligence of more than one entity or person contributed to the drowning. The laws that govern drowning deaths in New York are complicated, which is why those considering seeking compensation for one are urged to seek the advice of a personal injury attorney from Metro Law. 

Our lawyers work tirelessly to make sure that victims can move on after a negligent lifeguard caused them injury. Contact our New Jersey lifeguard negligence attorneys at (800) 460-6476 to see how we can help you.

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