Brooklyn, NY – Four Hurt in Apartment Fire on Ocean Pkwy

Brooklyn, NY – Four Hurt in Apartment Fire on Ocean Pkwy

Brooklyn, NY (November 21, 2023) – A structure fire was reported to police in Brooklyn on the evening of November 21. Responders were dispatched to the scene of the incident in a multi-dwelling building in the 1300 block of the Ocean Parkway. A fire was discovered on the fourth floor of the building by fire crews and occupants of an apartment on the fourth floor were asked to shelter in place, fire crews said. Approximately 30 minutes after the incident was reported, fire crews were able to extinguish the blaze. Four civilians received medical aid at the scene due to the fire. 

Authorities in Brooklyn continue to investigate the details of the incident. We hope for the full recovery of the injured parties.

New York Structure Fires

 Brooklyn, NY - Four Hurt in Apartment Fire on Ocean PkwyResidential fires can happen for several different reasons. Some of the most common reasons fires happen in New Jersey today include:

  • Defective small or large appliances
  • Out-of-date wiring
  • Incorrectly installed or broken gas lines
  • Blocked chimney flues
  • A faulty furnace or boiler 

It is vital to determine how a fire happened, especially if you believe it was caused by negligence. It is also important to be able to prove if the fire was a direct result of an occupant not being able to exit the residence safely. 

If it is proven that the fire or a resident’s inability to react safely was, partially or wholly, caused by the actions or nonactions of a third party, the victim will most likely be able to bring a valid personal injury claim against a negligent third party.

Along with establishing the source of the fire, it is critical to determine if the action or inaction of another person or entity played a role in either the cause of the fire itself or a resident’s inability to flee the residence to safety. 

Some factors that a New York house fire lawyer will investigate are whether or not :

  • The landlord or manager of the premises abided by the current building and fire codes
  • Appropriate fire safety tools and devices were available and working
  • Fireplaces and vents were properly maintained
  • Fire escapes and exits were available and working 
  • Fire doors were being used
  • Smoke alarms were correctly installed, tested, and working
  • Firewalls were properly built and placed

Considering that about 80% of fire-related deaths in the United States take place in residential structures, it is clear that the prevention of residential fires is a huge public safety issue. The number one cause of deadly residential fires is the improper disposal of tobacco products while cooking appliances, such as stoves and grills, are the number one cause of burn injuries in residential fires. 

Smoke inhalation is the leading cause of death in residential fires, not burn injuries as one might expect. Those who survive, however, often endure a significant amount of both. These injuries are exceptionally painful and expensive to treat. 

Most burn injuries fall under one of three categories: 

  • 1st-degree burns: 1st-degree burns affect only the top layer of skin (epidermis), such as you get from sunburn or accidentally touching a hot stove. These burns typically take a few days to heal.
  • 2nd-degree burns: These burns reach the second layer of skin (dermis). More serious than a 1st-degree burn, it may require skin grafts and result in permanent scarring.  
  • 3rd-degree burns: Burns of this magnitude ravage the third layer (hypodermis), causing the loss of not just the skin but also the sweat glands, hair follicles, and the stratum basale where new skin cells are formed.

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