Brooklyn, NY – Injury Crash on Metropolitan Ave near Brooklyn Queens Expwy

Brooklyn, NY – Injury Crash on Metropolitan Ave near Brooklyn Queens Expwy

Brooklyn, NY (September 28, 2023) – Police in Brooklyn received reports concerning an injury collision on Thursday, September 28. Responders were sent to the crash scene at around 12:15 a.m. 

Paramedics rendered aid to the injured victims at the scene on Metropolitan Avenue near the Brooklyn Queens Expressway. Sources say the collision occurred in the 400 block of Metropolitan Avenue when two vehicles collided under circumstances that remain unclear at this time. 

Ambulances were observed at the wreck site along with police and paramedics. Those with injuries were treated and taken to area medical centers for further evaluation and care. 

Police in Brooklyn are still investigating the circumstances of the collision. 

We hope for the fast and complete recovery of the people who were wounded in this crash.

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Brooklyn, NY - Injury Crash on Metropolitan Ave near Brooklyn Queens ExpwyThe state of New York sees hundreds of thousands of car accidents yearly. These crashes happen under countless circumstances, some involving bad weather, car, problems, and more. However, the main contributor to car accidents in the state of New York and across the entire nation is driver negligence. Negligent driving has become a problematic issue in the United States, causing the majority of injuries and fatalities, especially in the past decade. Those who suffer injuries in negligently caused accidents often find themselves stuck in the hospital or at home while they’re unable to work or see their friends and family. This can be extremely overwhelming, depressing, and stressful.

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