Brooklyn, NY – Pregnant Mom, Children Injured in Traffic Accident on Brooklyn Queens Expwy near Manhattan Bridge

Brooklyn, NY – Pregnant Mom, Children Injured in Traffic Accident on Brooklyn Queens Expwy near Manhattan Bridge

Brooklyn, NY (July 4, 2023) – A severe auto accident took place in DUMBO, Brooklyn, on the afternoon of July 4. Shortly before 1:00 p.m., emergency responders were dispatched to the scene of an accident on the Brooklyn Queens Expressway. 

Reports show that the incident was reported by a 911 caller at around 12:47 p.m. EMS responded to the scene, located on the Brooklyn Queens Expressway near the Manhattan Bridge, exit 29. 

At the crash site, fire crews requested a second ambulance for a woman who was pregnant and accompanied by three kids, all of whom sustained injuries. At this time, the circumstances of the accident have not been determined. 

Authorities in Brooklyn continue to investigate the circumstances of the collision. The roadway was blocked for an extended period of time while emergency responders were present in the area. Police investigated the details of the incident while EMS helped injured victims and fire crews worked to clear the wreckage from the road. 

We hope for the full and fast recovery of those with injuries. 

No further information has been reported at this time.

New York Traffic Collisions

Brooklyn, NY - Pregnant Mom, Children Injured in Traffic Accident on Brooklyn Queens Expwy near Manhattan BridgeUnfortunately, car crashes are extremely common in the United States and throughout the state of New York. There are hundreds of thousands of auto collisions reported in the Empire State annually. Traffic accidents can be totally devastating for everyone involved, including the family members of injured victims. Every day, over 7,500 people sustain injuries in car crashes across the nation, and, sadly, over 100 people lose their lives. Yearly, more than 6 million car crashes take place across America, with about 3 million people suffering injuries and more than 40,000 who lose their lives. Auto accidents happen for countless reasons; however, driver negligence is the main culprit. 

In the past decade, driver negligence has become the main cause of auto collisions across the nation. Drivers who are distracted cause auto accidents most often. In fact, over 400,000 vehicle collisions take place annually due to the actions of distracted drivers. This is equal to the number of auto accidents that happen throughout the entire state of California on a yearly basis. 

Driver negligence comes in different forms, including distraction, intoxication, fatigue, and speeding. The statistics surrounding these types of driver negligence are alarming. For instance, over 11,000 people lose their lives per year because of speeding drivers. Additionally, over 100,000 car crashes occur annually because of drivers who are overtired. Fatigued driving is comparable to driving while intoxicated in that your judgment and reaction times are affected. 

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