Brooklyn, NY – Serious Car Wreck on 18th Ave near 73rd St

Brooklyn, NY – Serious Car Wreck on 18th Ave near 73rd St

Brooklyn, NY (April 14, 2023) – On the afternoon of April 12, a serious car accident occurred in the Bensonhurst area of Brooklyn. According to reports, the wreck occurred at around 2:15 p.m. 

Vehicles crashed near the intersection of 18th Avenue and 73rd Street. What caused the accident to happen remains under the investigation of local law enforcement. 

Emergency responders were quickly sent to the crash site to help the people involved. One or more injured victims were loaded into ambulances and transported to area hospitals for treatment. 

At this time, our thoughts are with everyone involved. We hope for the full and fast recovery of those with injuries.

New York Car Accidents

Brooklyn, NY - Serious Car Wreck on 18th Ave near 73rd StCar crashes happen all the time in New York and throughout the United States. Vehicle collisions are the main reason people in the US end up injured or losing their lives. Sadly, tens of thousands of individuals suffer injuries in auto collisions per year. In fact, about 40,000 people lose their lives annually in American car accidents. These wrecks are most often caused by the actions of negligent drivers.

Negligent driving has become a serious issue in the United States, especially in the past decade or so. Smartphones continue to rise in popularity, and almost everyone you see has one. Unfortunately, people are still learning how to limit their time on their phones, and sometimes, we may even see individuals who choose to look at their phone screens while they’re operating vehicles on the road with other people. 

This is a major problem and leads to millions of car crashes per year. Approximately 400,000 car crashes happen per year in the United States due to the actions of distracted drivers. In the state of New York, nearly half of the drivers have admitted to using their phones in some capacity while they are driving.  

When you or someone you love is injured in a car crash caused by negligence, you should contact a car crash lawyer in Brooklyn who can help you recover. A lawyer knows what needs to be done in order to get you financial compensation for the losses and damages you face in relation to your crash. A skilled and experienced car crash attorney will thoroughly investigate your claim, gather valid and important evidence to prove your case and negotiate a full and fair settlement with the insurance company for you so you can get your life back on track. 

Worrying about money when you’re seriously injured can be extremely stressful, especially if you are stuck in the hospital and unable to work. A car crash attorney in Brooklyn from Metro Law can help you get your life back on track after it was derailed by driver negligence.

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