Buffalo, N.Y. – Man Charged with DWI After Hitting Police Car Near Lisbon Avenue

Buffalo, N.Y. – Man Charged with DWI After Hitting Police Car Near Lisbon Avenue

Buffalo, N.Y. (February 13, 2019) – A man has been charged with driving while under the influence after he hit a police car and injured two officers inside, according to police. The New York drunk driving accident occurred near the intersection of Lisbon and Bailey Avenues around 11:30 p.m.

Police say that at the time of the accident, the patrol car was on its way to a call with its lights and siren on. While on the way to this call, the patrol car was involved in a collision with a vehicle which was driven by 27-year-old Jahaan McDuffie. McDuffie was arrested at the scene of the accident on the charges of DWI, failing to yield the right of way to an emergency vehicle, and aggravated unlicensed operation of a vehicle.

The officers inside the patrol car were both taken to Erie County Medical Center to have non-life threatening injuries treated by medical professionals.

New York Drunk Driving Injuries

Being injured due to the irresponsible actions of someone who decided to drink and drive is one of the most frustrating accidents a driver can be involved in. In most of these accidents, the driver who is sober is innocent when it comes to how and why the accident happened, they will be significantly injured, and they might need to fight to be reimbursed the total amount this accident has cost them, as insurance often cannot or will not pay for all bills involved in an accident.

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