Bus Safety in New Jersey

Bus Safety in New Jersey

Reports published by the National Safety Council, buses are the safest method of transportation for children. Every day, millions of students across the country climb on board school buses to travel to and from school. These vehicles are designed with safety in mind. From their oversized structure, bright yellow color, large mirrors, flashing lights, and belting methods, families know their children can make it to school and back without worry.

In addition to having a structured and secure design, each school bus used in New Jersey must undergo an inspection through the Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) to ensure safety twice a year. Although bus companies and school districts across the state take various strides to ensure student safety, bus accidents still happen. In many cases, bus accidents occur due to the negligent acts of others sharing the road. It is crucial to explore the reasons why these incidents happen in order to be proactive while sharing the road with careless and negligent drivers.

Why School Bus Accidents Happen

Despite the number of safety measures implemented across New Jersey, we continue to see motor vehicle accidents occur due to the actions of others. Some of the most common causes of bus accidents throughout our state include: Bus Safety in New Jersey

  • Distracted Drivers: There are countless instances where bus accidents occur due to drivers talking on their phones, being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or due to distracting kids on board.
  • Fatigued Drivers: Drivers who spend too much time behind the wheel can become distracted easily or fall asleep at the wheel. In these cases, serious and life-threatening injuries can occur.
  • Reckless Driving: When drivers sharing the road are reckless, it can cause a serious accident. There are many cases where drivers are aggressive, cut in front of buses, and engage in other behaviors that place lives at risk.
  • Mechanical Errors: Buses that are not properly maintained can experience mechanical errors. When brakes fail, accelerators malfunction or other parts fail to function properly, it can have devastating results.
  • Overloaded Buses: Every bus has a capacity limit. Unfortunately, not every driver adheres to these limits. There are some instances where buses are overloaded. When there are too many occupants on school buses, it can increase the risk of an accident.
  • Faulty Road Signage: When signs are misplaced along roadways, or traffic control devices are not functioning properly, bus accidents can occur. The chances of these accidents are greatly increased in cases where drivers are distracted as well.

Metro Law can Help You

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