Car collision with 3 motorcycles injures 3 in New Jersey

Car collision with 3 motorcycles injures 3 in New Jersey

Cars and motorcycles are expected to share the New Jersey roadways, adhere to the law and make certain that everyone remains safe. This is especially relevant given the vulnerability that motorcyclists face because of their lack of protection by not being inside a vehicle. Even if they are wearing helmets and other protective clothing, there can still be serious injury and death if there is a crash with a car. Those who are injured in motorcycle-car accidents must understand what they are facing and take steps to receive compensation for what they have lost.

Three motorcycles were hit by a car in a mid-morning crash. Three people including the driver of the car and two of the motorcyclists were sent to the hospital. Law enforcement responded to the scene. As they went about the accident investigation, they found that the driver and the motorcycles were going in opposite directions. The accident happened at an intersection. The motorcycles were traveling in a group with a total of seven individual riders. The investigation is ongoing and no summonses have been given yet.

Since motorcycle accidents can involve broken bones, head trauma, spinal cord injuries and more, it is essential that those who have been hurt in one know their rights. There are so many different issues that can arise after even a minor motorcycle accident that a person’s life can be negatively affected for years if not for the rest of their lives. Hospital stays, surgeries, rehabilitation and the inability to return to work are just some of the aftereffects of such a crash. Drivers in cars who are in a car collision with a motorcyclist are not immune to being hurt either. Everyone involved must be cognizant of the problems that can come from a motorcycle accident.

In this accident, three motorcycles were involved in a crash with a car. The case is still under investigation and there were three people – two bikers and the driver of the car – taken to the hospital. As the circumstances are unraveled to see how and why this happened, all parties must discuss a potential case with an attorney to prepare for the future.

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