Birth Injury

How do birth injuries differ from birth defects?

Children are a joy, and when a couple in New Jersey finds out they are pregnant, they eagerly anticipate the birth of a healthy baby. Unfortunately, sometimes things can go wrong during pregnancy or the birth process, leading to a birth injury. While sometimes a birth injury could not have been prevented, other times these birth injuries were due to the negligence of the attending physician. For example, if a physician does not recognize that the baby’s umbilical cord is [...]

What if a medication I take while pregnant causes a birth injury?

Women who are pregnant generally take care to eat the right foods, take prenatal vitamins, exercise safely and in general ensure they stay in good health for the sake of their child. However, even a pregnant woman can become sick, and need to take a prescription medication. Some medications are safe to use during pregnancy, while other medications could pose a danger to either the mother, the child or both. It is important that expecting mothers in New Jersey [...]

Birth trauma could cause PTSD

Preparing for the birth of a baby is a major and, usually, joyful life event. Whether this is a woman’s first child or not, there are many fears and concerns during pregnancy, labor and delivery. If something were to go wrong or a medical professional does something wrong, harm could be suffered to the newborn and even to the mother. PTSD is associated with a traumatic event. Most think of a war vet or an assault victim when it comes [...]

Medical malpractice and maternal deaths during childbirth

When people think about the risks associated with childbirth, they tends to focus on the harm that could be suffered by the newborn. While birth injuries suffered by a baby can be tragic and cause lifelong issues and pain, newborns are not the only ones impacted by birth injuries. Mothers, too, could also suffer harm when medical mistakes are made during pregnancy, labor or delivery. And these mistakes could cost some mothers their lives. Based on current statistics, more than 50,000 [...]

Providing guidance after a birth injury

Many things could go wrong during pregnancy and while giving birth, and this gives rise to a wide range of concerns. A pregnant woman relies on the advice of medical professionals. However, if mistakes are made, this could cause harm during pregnancy or the birthing process. This could ultimately result in a birth injury impacting the mother, baby or both. Because there are many known risks during pregnancy and delivery, some parents are not always aware that the issues they [...]

Why are birth-related injuries on the rise?

The pregnancy process can be filled with excitement for families in New Jersey. And, with each doctor’s appointment, the expecting mother gets closer and closer to giving birth. While labor and delivery can present some problems, many expecting mothers trust their doctors and medical team when it comes to prenatal care and steps to take during the birthing process. However, doctors are human and thus prone to human errors. And, when errors are made during the birthing process, this [...]

Navigating a birth injury action

From the moment a woman finds out she is pregnant until she gives birth, there are many moments when she considers many “what ifs.” Although it is likely that the pregnancy will be normal and have no issues or concerns, the fact of the matter is that health problems could arise, resulting in medical interventions for both the mother and the baby. In order to make sure a healthy delivery occurs, medical professionals are not only tasked with uncovering [...]

Causes and Symptoms of Cerebral Palsy Birth Injuries

For every parent, the day they bring their child into the world is a day to remember. After months of expecting, many new parents remember the days as a life-changing event that will forever divide their lives into “before,” and “after.” For most parents, the day their child arrives is a happy day. There are other parents, though, who will have dark spots covering parts of their child’s birthday. For New York and New Jersey parents whose children suffered a [...]

Birth injuries resulting in maternal death

Expecting mothers in New Jersey and elsewhere have much exciting for the upcoming arrival of their baby. However, expecting mothers also have many concerns. There is a common understanding that complications could occur. These complications could impact the life of the newborn as well as the mother delivering the baby. Although complications are possible, they are also often considered unpreventable. In contrast, medical errors and mistakes are considered preventable. When a medical mistake leads to a birth injury, this [...]

What are birth injuries commonly suffered by a newborn?

From the moment a woman finds out she is pregnant until she gives birth to her child, there are many worries and concerns on her mind. Her health and wellbeing are continually monitored during the pregnancy as the baby grows and progresses. The health and development of the baby are also continually monitored, ensuring actions are taken if any health issues arise. However, even if a woman has a perfectly normal and healthy pregnancy, this does not mean problems [...]