Cinnaminson, NJ – Three-Car Accident Results in Injuries on Rt 73 near Fork Landing Rd

Cinnaminson, NJ – Three-Car Accident Results in Injuries on Rt 73 near Fork Landing Rd

Cinnaminson, NJ (October 4, 2023) – A major car accident was reported to police in Cinnaminson on Wednesday morning, October 4. Emergency crews were dispatched to the scene at around 8:00 a.m. to render aid. 

Local authorities say the incident occurred on Route 73 near Fork Landing Road. Police and EMS helped at the crash site, reducing traffic on the southbound side of Route 73 to one lane for some time. 

The intersection was also closed while responders worked in the area, according to information provided by the Cinnaminson Fire Department. Officials advised local motorists to avoid the area while emergency personnel were present. 

We hope for the complete recovery of those injured in this traffic collision in Cinnaminson. 

Police continue to investigate. 

New Jersey Traffic Collisions

Cinnaminson, NJ - Three-Car Accident Results in Injuries on Rt 73 near Fork Landing RdCar crashes happen in the Garden State every day. Yearly, tens of thousands of people suffer injuries in these wrecks while hundreds end up losing their lives. On average, throughout the United States, over 6 million collisions are reported annually that injure around 3 million people. Sadly, over 40,000 individuals are killed per year in these wrecks. Additionally, the majority of American car crashes happen because of the actions of negligent drivers. Driver negligence can be displayed in countless ways, however, intoxication, speeding, and distraction are the three most common types of negligence displayed among American drivers today. Those who choose to operate their vehicles while they are not aware, alert, and/or sober, place themselves and everyone on the road at serious risk of sustaining injuries or even losing their lives.

Some statistics related to negligent driving include the following: 

  • More than 11,000 people are killed in auto accidents caused by speeding each year. 
  • Over 400,000 car crashes occur annually due to the actions of distracted drivers. 
  • Around 12,000 individuals lose their lives in car wrecks caused by intoxicated drivers every year. 
  • Over half of those who die in intoxicated driving accidents are actually intoxicated drivers themselves. 

If negligent driving has caused you or someone you love to sustain injuries in a traffic collision, you should work with a personal injury lawyer to file a claim for financial compensation. A car crash attorney in Cinnaminson can help you exercise your existing legal rights so you can get the financial compensation and justice you deserve after being hurt in an accident. You may be able to gather compensation for a long list of damages including: 

  • Lost wages
  • Medical care costs
  • Lost earning capacity
  • Pain
  • Suffering
  • Vehicle repair expenses

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