Coram, NY – Leo Hietala Killed in Wreck on CR-83 near Hawkins Path

Coram, NY – Leo Hietala Killed in Wreck on CR-83 near Hawkins Path

Coram, NY (November 23, 2023) – A pedestrian identified as 50-year-old Leo Hietala was struck and killed in a crash in Coram on Wednesday night, November 22. Police in Suffolk report the wreck occurred on County Road 83 at Hawkins Path at approximately 7:00 p.m. A 2013 Dodge Ram headed north operated by a man from Holbrook, age 28, struck Hietala under circumstances that remain under investigation. Police in Coram are investigating. 

We want to offer our sincere condolences to the family of the deceased victim at this time.

New York Pedestrian Wrecks

Coram, NY - Leo Hietala Killed in Wreck on CR-83 near Hawkins PathSadly, pedestrians in New York often suffer fatal injuries. Generally, hundreds of pedestrians are killed yearly in the Empire State. Over 200 lost their lives in 2021, according to recently recorded statistics. Information compiled by Smart Growth America shows that, in the United States, the number of pedestrian crash fatalities is on the rise. This is most likely due to the fact that more and more people are becoming heavily addicted to their smartphones. The National Highway Traffic Safety Association reports that over 51% of reported pedestrian crashes in the United States happen due to the negligent actions of drivers.

Regrettably, negligent driving is the main culprit behind the majority of pedestrian wrecks and other types of accidents across the country. Of around 17,000 daily collisions in the US, over 93% happen due to driver negligence. Drivers who are distracted, fatigued, speeding, or intoxicated cause the majority of these accidents. When you or someone you love has sustained injuries in a crash caused by a negligent driver, a car crash lawyer can help you to financially recover. When you are able to pay for the losses and damages brought on by your accident, you may be able to focus on your mental and physical well-being. 

Losing someone you love in a negligently caused crash of any kind can be a devastating experience. A wrongful death attorney in Coram can help you gather financial compensation that can pay for vehicle repairs, wage loss, medical bills, and more. Even non-economic damages like pain, suffering, emotional turmoil, loss of life enjoyment, loss of consortium, and other damages are eligible for financial compensation when you work with an attorney. 

At the skilled and experienced law office of Metro Law, our skilled lawyers have been working to help crash victims and their loved ones in the aftermath of their accidents for decades. Our main goal is to help victims and their family members get the financial compensation they need and deserve, and we will stop at nothing to make sure you and your loved ones can recover physically, financially, and emotionally if this has happened to you.  

If you have lost someone you love in a fatal crash that happened due to the reckless or careless actions of another person, by filing a wrongful death claim with a skilled lawyer, you will be able to receive the compensation and justice you undoubtedly deserve. 

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