Determining Fault When You’ve Been Involved in a Multi-Vehicle Collision

Determining Fault When You’ve Been Involved in a Multi-Vehicle Collision

In most accident situations, it is not difficult to determine who is at fault in an accident. In typical accidents involving one or two vehicles, liability can be cut-and-dry, such as in situations where one vehicle rear-ends another. However, what happens if you are involved in a different type of accident – a multi-vehicle collision, where liability is not so easy to determine? Accidents involving multiple vehicles can sometimes be more complex, which means you many factors to consider.

Determining Fault

Let’s look at a common situation that leads to multi-vehicle collisions every day: A driver is driving along distracted or speeding and is unable to stop in time. They suddenly rear-end a vehicle stopped in traffic, which pushes one into another in a chain-reaction accident. In this case, it is obvious that the original vehicle that struck the one in back will probably be held liable.

However, this situation is not the same when a driver is traveling at high speeds and suddenly runs a red light at the same time that another vehicle runs the red light in the other direction. These vehicles collide, pushing them into a third and fourth vehicle. In this case, liability is not easy to determine – and applies to situations that happen every single day in New York and New Jersey.

There are many factors that can help you determine liability after you have been involved in a multi-vehicle accident if all parties are pointing the blame away from themselves and you are finding it difficult to move forward. Here are some ways that can help you establish who is at fault:

  • Eyewitness accounts, including those established by you, those in the different vehicles, and those who witnessed the accident in vehicles around you
  • Police reports that include an officer’s report as to whether or not a traffic violation took place
  • Vehicle damage marks
  • Evidence gathered at the scene of the crash, such as vehicle debris and skid marks from all vehicles

What Insurance Considerations Must Be Made?

In the event of a multi-vehicle collision, insurance issues must be considered. All drivers will speak with their insurers after this type of accident to determine who pays. New York is a no-fault state, which means that all victims must turn to their own personal injury protection insurance if they want to pay for aspects like medical bills. However, if their policy limit is reached, then they can file a claim against an at-fault party for aspects like medical expenses, lost wages from missed work, and various other types of damages. The bills continue to add up after an accident, which is why it is imperative to have an attorney on your side for help.

How a New York Accident Attorney Can Help After Your Accident 

Victims injured in a multi-vehicle collision might feel confused about where they can turn during this difficult time. At the Law Offices of Robert A. Solomon of Metro Law, we work aggressively to fight on your behalf for the compensation you deserve during one of the most challenging times in your life. We retain hope that you will receive damages needed to move forward. Please contact us at (800) 469-6476 to find out what we can do for you