Distracted driving can cause pedestrian accidents

Distracted driving can cause pedestrian accidents

Many people in the state of New Jersey prefer to walk to and from their destination. This saves them money on gas and other car related expenses, it’s a boon to the environment, not to mention the fact that it allows them to get exercise.

Some have come to realize that walking can be just as dangerous as driving a car. With distracted driving on the rise, it is important to realize that the end result could be an accident between several motor vehicles or a car and a pedestrian.

When somebody is distracted while behind the wheel, the driver will not be watching the road in front of the car. This could lead to hitting a pedestrian in a cross walk, or leaving the road and driving onto the sidewalk. Either way, the end result can be an innocent pedestrian injured or killed in the accident.

There are many types of distracted driving, including but not limited to: texting, using a cellphone to make calls, talking with other passengers, and adjusting the radio.

According to the Official U.S. Government Website for Distracted Driving, approximately 421,000 people were injured and 3,300 were killed in a distracted driving related accident in 2012.

The best way to protect against this is for people to be educated as to the risks of distracted driving. Even though most realize they should be paying attention to the road, they don’t always do so.

If a person is injured in this type of accident or a loved one is killed, the victim or one’s family may wish to learn more about their legal rights.