Edison, NJ – Injuries Result from Accident on Rt 440 near I-95

Edison, NJ – Injuries Result from Accident on Rt 440 near I-95

Edison, NJ (May 5, 2023) – Shortly after 10:00 p.m. on the night of May 5, a serious car accident happened in Edison. Emergency responders were sent to the scene to help the involved parties and investigate the details of the accident. 

Reports from authorities show the collision occurred on Route 440 at Interstate 95. An unknown number of vehicles crashed for reasons still under police investigation. 

Authorities in Edison worked at the crash scene and asked local drivers to use alternate routes. Paramedics helped the injured parties and transported them to local hospitals as needed. 

No other details have been reported concerning the auto accident at this time. 

We hope for the full and fast recovery of the injured parties. 

New Jersey Car Accidents

Edison, NJ - Injuries Result from Accident on Rt 440 near I-95The average person probably doesn’t think about the risks and dangers related to traveling in a vehicle. However, riding in or driving a car could be an extremely dangerous activity. Injurious and fatal accidents, usually caused by negligent driving, happen every day in New Jersey. When these incidents occur, the lives of those involved are usually drastically altered.

Driver negligence usually causes numerous people to become involved in auto collisions every year in the United States. Sadly, when traffic accidents involving negligent drivers occur, injured victims usually suffer wounds that are severe or even fatal. Negligently caused accidents are often more severe than other types of accidents due to drivers being distracted, over-tired, or intoxicated.

When you know you were injured in a crash caused by negligence, it is important to seek financial compensation for the losses and damages you face. Car wrecks can happen because of negligent drivers, but they can also happen due to negligent vehicle manufacturers, mechanics, or road workers. An attorney can help you figure out how your crash happened so you can recover as quickly and easily as possible.

If a negligent driver caused your wreck, a lawyer will help you get ahold of that person and their insurance company. They will then contact both entities and work out a settlement that benefits you and your loved ones. Financial compensation awarded in car crash cases covers the cost of lost wages, medical care, vehicle repairs, mental health treatment, pain and suffering, emotional turmoil, etc. A car crash attorney in New Jersey will help you file a personal injury claim for compensation if you believe a negligent driver caused your accident.

If you have recently sustained injuries in a car crash caused by negligence, an Edison car crash lawyer can help you gather financial compensation that will cover any/all costs that stem from your accident.

You should not have to pay for being hurt by another person’s careless actions. In fact, you should be getting paid for having to endure such a difficult situation. Our team will help you through this difficult time in more ways than one. We will help you recover financially so you can focus on your emotional and physical recovery without having to worry about money. Compensation can help cover the cost of medical care, lost wages, vehicle repairs/replacement, and more.

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