Edison, NJ – Two Critically Injured in Crash Caused by Illegal U-Turn on Route 1 near Wooding Ave

Edison, NJ – Two Critically Injured in Crash Caused by Illegal U-Turn on Route 1 near Wooding Ave

Edison, NJ (February 27, 2023) – Two people sustained critical injuries in a car accident that happened in Edison on Sunday morning, February 26. At approximately 2:07 a.m., police were notified of the accident on Route 1. 

Authorities responded to the scene on Route 1 near Wooding Avenue after receiving reports of a collision. After arriving, officers found two damaged vehicles, one with passengers who were in critical condition. The other vehicle’s passengers were in fair condition with minor injuries. 

The two critically injured victims were transported to the hospital by ambulance. Initial reports show one of the vehicles was making a U-turn at the median break for Wooding Avenue on Route 1 when the crash happened. 

Authorities in Edison continue to investigate the circumstances of the crash. 

We hope for the full recovery of those with injuries. 

New Jersey Car Crashes

Edison, NJ - Two Critically Injured in Crash Caused by Illegal U-Turn on Route 1 near Wooding AveEach year, thousands of people sustain injuries in serious car accidents in New Jersey. On average, tens of thousands of people are injured in yearly crashes throughout the Garden State. Being severely injured in a traffic accident is strenuous and can negatively alter the lives of victims. Injured crash victims often have to spend a lot of time recovering in the hospital, sometimes months. This can result in severe depression, anxiety, and lost wages. 

Alarmingly, the majority of the car wrecks reported in the United States and across the state of New Jersey are caused by driver negligence. Distraction, intoxication, fatigue, and speeding contribute to millions of injuries every single year. In New Jersey, driver intoxication is a leading cause of auto accidents.

Those who are victimized in serious auto collisions caused by driver negligence need to know that they have options to help them recover. If you have recently suffered injuries in a collision, an essential question to ask is how the accident happened. If another person is responsible for causing it, a car accident attorney in Edison may be able to assist you in collecting compensation for your injuries. 

At the law office of Metro Law, the recovery of our clients is our main concern. We work to compensate our clients fully and fairly so they can move on from the aftermath of their accident without incident. You may be struggling with the expenses that stem from your accident, like medical care expenses, lost earnings from missing work, car repairs, and more. A lawyer can help lessen the financial burden you’re facing so you can focus on your health.

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