Egg Harbor Twp, NJ – Seven Hurt in Transit Bus Crash on Black Horse Pike near Harbor Square Complex

Egg Harbor Twp, NJ – Seven Hurt in Transit Bus Crash on Black Horse Pike near Harbor Square Complex

Egg Harbor Twp, NJ (April 16, 2024) – Seven people were hurt after a NJ Transpit Bus collided into a street light in Egg Harbor Township on Thursday night, April 11. The incident occurred at approximately 10:00 p.m. off of Black Horse Pike near the Harbor Square Complex. All seven individuals, including the driver, were transported to local hospitals for treatment. Currently, their names have not been reported to the public. Police in Egg Harbor Township are still investigating the details of the incident. 

We hope for the full recovery of those with injuries. 

New Jersey Car Accidents

Egg Harbor Twp, NJ - Seven Hurt in Transit Bus Crash on Black Horse Pike near Harbor Square ComplexMillions of people suffer serious injuries in car crashes throughout the United States every year. Statistics gathered concerning auto accidents that happen across the nation show that more than 3 million individuals are hurt in traffic collisions annually. Sadly, about 40,000 lose their lives per year in American car wrecks. In New Jersey, tens of thousands of people are injured in traffic accidents and hundreds lose their lives yearly. These accidents occur because of bad weather, car problems, and driver negligence. Most often, however, the actions of negligent drivers cause car crashes. 

The most common types of negligent driving in the United States today include intoxication, distraction, fatigue, and speeding. For example, more than 12,000 people end up losing their lives each year due to accidents caused by intoxication. Additionally, accidents caused by the actions of drivers who are distracted happen over 400,000 times per year. Fatigued driving accidents happen about 100,000 times per year and take the lives of approximately 1,500 people annually. More than 90% of reported car crashes in the US happen because of some form of negligence, according to information from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Drivers who choose to look at their phones instead of the roadway cause the majority of the auto collisions that happen in the US, closely followed by drivers who speed and those who travel while overtired. It is extremely dangerous and even deadly to operate a motor vehicle unless you are sober, awake, alert, and aware. Being in any other state of mind could risk your own life and the lives of those around you. 

New Jersey is home to millions of individuals, and, extremely busy roadways. On average, the state of New Jersey sees hundreds of thousands of car crashes per year. These accidents are mostly caused by the actions of distracted drivers. When you or someone in your family has been hurt by a negligent driver, you should be able to move forward without having to go broke or even worry about money. A car crash attorney can help you recover in numerous ways if you know that you were hurt by driver negligence. 

If you have been hurt in a car crash caused by another person, a car crash lawyer in Egg Harbor Township can help you recover. Call the skilled and reputable personal injury law office of Metro Law at (800) 469-6476 soon as you can to speak with a trusted lawyer about your loved one’s accident and your available legal options as the surviving family member of someone who lost their life in a car crash caused by negligence.