Galloway, NJ – Auto Accident Results in Injuries on Jimmie Leeds Rd near Great Creek Rd

Galloway, NJ – Auto Accident Results in Injuries on Jimmie Leeds Rd near Great Creek Rd

Galloway, NJ (October 17, 2023) – A two-car crash happened in Galloway on the morning of Monday, October 16. Emergency crews went to the scene shortly after the crash happened to help the people involved. 

Sources say the collision occurred at approximately 7:30 a.m. on Jimmie Leeds Road near Great Creek Road, east of the Garden State Parkway near the Sunoco station. 

The crash reportedly involved an SUV and a pick-up truck. Debris from both vehicles were seen strewn across Jimmie Leeds Road as traffic traveled slowly through the area after the incident. 

Police in Galloway continue to investigate the circumstances of the accident. At least one person required emergency medical care at the scene after sustaining injuries in the wreck. 

We hope for the full recovery of the injured victims. 

No further information has been reported at this time.

New Jersey Auto Collisions

Galloway, NJ - Auto Accident Results in Injuries on Jimmie Leeds Rd near Great Creek RdIn New Jersey, driving while distracted is the main cause of auto collisions today. Across the country, more than 2,800 individuals were killed due to distracted driving in 2018. This averages out to approximately 8 people per day. It was reported by the National Highway Transportation Administration that nearly 9% of all deaths that stem from car crashes were caused by distracted driving. The New Jersey State Police Department Fatal Accident Investigation Unit found that about 150 of those fatalities happened in New Jersey. 

When you become distracted while behind the wheel, you risk your own life and the lives of those around you. There are three types of distraction, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association, which include:

  • Visual: not looking at the road
  • Manual: taking your hands off of the wheel
  • Cognitive: focusing on something other than driving

Some common forms of driver distraction include talking on the phone or texting, eating, grooming, or changing the radio station. When you or someone you love has been hurt by the actions of a negligent driver, you may qualify for financial compensation that can help you pay for the losses and damages you have endured in relation to your collision.

A car accident lawyer can help you recover by aiding you in filing a personal injury claim for financial compensation. When you can collect full and fair compensation for your losses, you may be able to focus better on your mental health and well-being. 

At Metro Law, we have been helping crash victims recover for over three decades. We work hard to thoroughly investigate your claim, keep your best interests in mind, and make sure you are able to collect the maximum compensation available for your injuries and losses. You can reach a skilled car crash lawyer in Galloway by calling (800) 469-6476.

Or skilled law firm works on contingency, which means you do not pay us anything out of pocket, but we do collect a certain percentage of the financial compensation you receive. This means that, essentially, our services are free unless you are awarded financial compensation for your losses. Call us as soon as you can to learn more about how we can help you recover.