Hamilton, NJ – State Trooper Hurt in Car Crash on Atlantic City Expwy

Hamilton, NJ – State Trooper Hurt in Car Crash on Atlantic City Expwy

Hamilton, NJ (October 30, 2023) – At least one state trooper in New Jersey suffered critical injuries in a multi-vehicle collision that happened in Hamilton on Friday night, October 27. Multiple state troopers were outside of their vehicles during a traffic stop when the crash took place. 

Sources report the wreck occurred on the Atlantic City Expressway at around 11:30 p.m. when police pulled over a Chevrolet Cobalt on the left shoulder lane of the expressway. Police say a Hyundai Tuscon was driving in the left lane when they failed to move over to avoid the traffic stop. 


The Hyundai struck the rear passenger side of an empty police vehicle, lost control, and turned in a counterclockwise direction which resulted in the vehicle striking another unoccupied police vehicle. 


The force of the impact pushed the second police vehicle clockwise, causing it to crash into the rear end of the unoccupied Chevrolet Cobalt. An officer was standing near the driver’s side of the second police car when the crash happened. He was thrown into the grass of the highway’s median and seriously injured. 


The police trooper was transported by helicopter to a local hospital where he received treatment for his injuries. The front seat passenger of the Hyundai, as well as the driver, also sustained injuries in the crash. 


We hope for the full recovery of the people injured in this auto collision. 

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Hamilton, NJ - State Trooper Hurt in Car Crash on Atlantic City ExpwyIt can be overwhelming and scary to suffer injuries in a serious car accident. Each year, more than 3 million people are hurt in car crashes caused by driver negligence. These wrecks end the lives of tens of thousands of American people, and happen more than 6 million times per year. The main reasons for these incidents include driver distraction, speeding, fatigue, and intoxication. Currently, driver distraction is the main cause of the majority of car crashes in the United States, causing hundreds of thousands of accidents annually and taking the lives of thousands of people per year.

Additionally, over 100,000 take place per year due to drivers who are over-tired while operating their vehicles.  Yearly, around 11,000 individuals are killed due to drivers who are speeding, and, driver intoxication is the cause of more than 30% of the annual crash fatality rate in the US.

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