Hasbrouck Heights, NJ – Multi-Vehicle Crash on Rt 17 Ends in Injuries

Hasbrouck Heights, NJ – Multi-Vehicle Crash on Rt 17 Ends in Injuries

Hasbrouck Heights, NJ (September 26, 2023) – A multi-vehicle accident occurred in Hasbrouck Heights on Sunday afternoon, September 24. Emergency responders went to the scene shortly after it happened to help those involved. 

Reports show the incident happened on Route 17 near Williams Avenue. Two vehicles were involved including a Ford Mustang. At least one individual suffered injuries, as an ambulance was seen leaving the scene with its lights on. 

At this time, the total number of injured victims has not been reported. The southbound side of the highway was closed while crews worked in the area, causing significant traffic delays. 

Police in Hasbrouck Heights continue to investigate the details of the accident. Our thoughts are with everyone involved as we hope for their full and fast recovery.

New Jersey Car Crashes

Hasbrouck Heights, NJ - Multi-Vehicle Crash on Rt 17 Ends in InjuriesIn the state of New Jersey, auto collisions happen hundreds of times per day. In fact, over 100 accidents are reported daily in the Garden State. These collisions take place under countless circumstances, however, actions such as distracted driving and intoxication are mostly to blame. Negligent driving has become the main cause of auto collisions in the United States, especially in the past decade. It is difficult to fathom that out of 6 million yearly auto collisions, the majority are preventable, and caused by negligent, reckless, and careless drivers. 

Over 3 million people suffer injuries in car crashes each day in the United States. Sadly, around 40,000 people end up losing their lives in these collisions. In New Jersey, hundreds of thousands of auto collisions occur per year which causes tens of thousands to sustain injuries and hundreds to lose their lives. Like the rest of the country, the majority of car crashes that happen in New Jersey can be attributed to negligence. Recent data gathered concerning the most common reasons auto collisions happen in New Jersey found that one in three fatal accidents involves drunk driving. Additionally, one in ten are caused by distraction. 

When you or someone you love are hurt by the actions of a negligent driver, you are definitely going through a difficult time. Your injuries may be painful and even debilitating while you are unable to work and make a living. Additionally, your finances may be being decimated by the bills that are piling up against you related to your accident. Costs related to medical care, vehicle repairs or replacement, and lost wages could all be draining your bank account. This is most likely extremely stressful for you and your family members, especially if you are the main earner in your home. 

At the law office of Metro Law, we know what it is like to suffer through all of these problems at once. Our Hasbrouck Heights car crash attorneys have made it our legal and professional duty to help injured accident victims recover. We can help you in several different ways after you or someone you love has been hurt in a crash, regardless of how it happened. However, if you believe it was caused by negligence, we can get you the financial compensation you need to pay for all of the costs that stem from your accident and the injuries that followed. 

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