Hawthorne, NJ – Motorcyclist Killed in DUI Wreck on Wagaraw Rd near Maple Ave

Hawthorne, NJ – Motorcyclist Killed in DUI Wreck on Wagaraw Rd near Maple Ave

Hawthorne, NJ (October 12, 2023) – A 38-year-old male has been charged with intoxicated driving and causing a collision that took the life of a motorcyclist on Saturday, October 7. The wreck happened in Hawthorne at around 8:30 p.m., sources said. 

Police responded to the scene on Wagaraw Road near the intersection of Maple Avenue and River Road, shortly after hearing of the incident. A man identified as William Clark was driving a 2013 GMC Sierra pickup headed south when he crossed over into the northbound lane. 

The GMC collided with the motorcyclist, causing them to sustain life-threatening injuries. Sadly, the biker lost their life due to the severity of their injuries. 

Authorities in Hawthorne continue to investigate the details of the accident. Clark was charged in connection with the collision. 

We want to offer our sincere condolences to the family of the deceased victim at this time. No other details have been made available to the public. 

New Jersey Motorcycle Crashes

Hawthorne, NJ - Motorcyclist Killed in DUI Wreck on Wagaraw Rd near Maple AveIn New Jersey, motorcycle collisions occur daily. In fact, hundreds of traffic accidents in the Garden State are reported daily that end in injuries or even fatalities. Yearly, approximately 60,000 people are injured in traffic collisions throughout the state of New Jersey. A percentage of these victims are motorcyclists. Unfortunately, when motorcyclists become involved in traffic collisions, they often suffer severe injuries that are difficult to recover from. 

The majority of motorcycle crashes in the United States and throughout New Jersey are caused by negligent drivers. Negligent driving has become a severe and dangerous problem in the United States, happening constantly, injuring and taking the lives of thousands of people per year.

In New Jersey specifically, driver distraction is the main cause of traffic accidents. Other common reasons auto collisions occur in the Garden State include fatigue, intoxication, and speeding. These and more types of driver negligence cause millions of vehicle accidents every single year across the nation.

If you or a loved one of yours has recently been hurt in a motorcycle collision caused by the actions of a negligent driver, you should be able to recover financially without having to worry. If the absolute worst has happened, and you have lost someone you love, you should be able to focus on your emotional well-being and that of your loved ones without having to worry about money. Especially if you know that your family member’s accident was preventable, and caused by negligent driving, a motorcycle crash lawyer can help you recover.  

In the aftermath of your family member’s crash, not only may you be stressed out about money, but you may be dealing with pain from your injuries and emotional turmoil stemming from your memories of the crash. All of these issues and more may be eligible for financial compensation when you work with a motorcycle crash lawyer in Hawthorne.

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