Henrietta, NY – Injuries Reported in Vehicle Collision on I-90 Near Rochester/I-390

Henrietta, NY – Injuries Reported in Vehicle Collision on I-90 Near Rochester/I-390

Henrietta, NY (March 15, 2023) – A serious car crash was reported to police in the Henrietta region on the evening of Wednesday, March 15.

At approximately 11:20 p.m., emergency responders were sent to the scene of the collision on I-90 westbound before Exit 46. 

Police added that the car accident occurred right before the Rochester-Corning transition ramp, and at least one person was wounded. Emergency medical technicians were spotted treating the individuals harmed in the collision before taking any patients with significant injuries to area hospitals.

When officials tried to secure the route, there was a backup in traffic that lasted around two to three miles. Officers with the Henrietta Police Department are currently investigating the cause of the crash, and they have not offered any other information in the meantime.

Witnesses or bystanders in the area at the time of the collision are asked to step forward and aid officers with their investigation.

Our thoughts are with the injured victims and their families. We hope for their full recovery. 

Car Accident Injuries in New York State

Henrietta, NY - Injuries Reported in Vehicle Collision on I-90 Near Rochester/I-390People who become involved in severe motor vehicle accidents often have their entire lives upended. This is especially true when their injuries are life-threatening, and they must be hospitalized for extensive medical care. Alarmingly, thousands of people go through this annually in the state of New York. Living in New York means you are very familiar with the heavy traffic that we see in our area.

Thousands of people travel within the state daily for business and pleasure. Although we would like to think that other people always keep the best interests of others in mind, this is not always the truth. In fact, reckless, distracted, impaired driving, and many other negligent acts, account for approximately 80% of all traffic-related collisions each year.

Tragically, all too many people who become involved in accidents are left with injuries that force them into hospitals, where they have to undergo repeat surgeries and spend days in hospital beds.

Although victims have many options available to help them through the aftermath of their accidents, thousands of crash victims are left with permanent impairments and forced to deal with endless financial, physical, and emotional consequences.

When people suffer injuries in these preventable collisions, it is vital that they act quickly to protect their legal rights and best interests. In the event that victims sustain injuries in accidents due to the reckless actions of other drivers, they should contact a car accident attorney in Henrietta as soon as possible to protect their legal rights. Victims and their families should never have to pay out of pocket to cover damages caused by a negligent driver.

We at Metro Law strive to ensure victims get the justice and compensation they rightfully deserve after suffering devastating injuries in collisions caused by reckless and negligent drivers. Our team of aggressive personal injury attorneys in New York works diligently to ensure victims’ legal rights are protected so they can recover. Contact our law firm in New York at (800) 469-6476 to see how we can help you.