How a Jackknifed Truck Can Hurt You

How a Jackknifed Truck Can Hurt You

What Does “Jackknife” Mean?

Trucks with trailers are seen all over our roadways. Commercial trucks, personal trucks, and self-run trucking businesses are the usual trucks that pull trailers, and they can be seen on nearly every roadway available. These trucks carry important cargo with them, so often, these drivers try to be as careful as possible, but unfortunately, even the most careful of drivers can experience adverse conditions or circumstances, which invites dangerous situations to occur.

Having a truck jackknife is one of the most dangerous situations that can occur on the road. When a truck jackknifes, it means that a truck has experienced an issue in which the truck and the trailer it is carrying are not in line, which causes the trailer to push the truck around to be perpendicular to the road, making the truck appear like a folding knife. A truck obviously cannot drive in this arrangement, and so when this occurs, others on the road are often subjected to the truck and trailer’s momentum, which can cause an accident and injuries to occur.

To be injured due to a jackknifed truck is serious, so it’s important to know your legal rights following these accidents to ensure that you are taken care of properly.

How You Can be Hurt by a Jackknifed Truck?

To know how a truck that has jackknifed can hurt you, it’s important to know why these trucks find themselves in this position to begin with. Trucks end up jackknifing for reasons that include bad road conditions, improper braking, or failure of brakes or other equipment. Often, jackknifing can be avoided if the truck driver catches the issue early enough and can steer their way out of it. However, it the driver does not recognize this issue on time, they will more than likely end up in this difficult situation.

Once a truck is in the jackknifed position, it is difficult to steer their truck or stop it quickly, as the way the truck normally operates has now been disrupted. Due to this lack of steering and brakes, these trucks can end up crashing into other vehicles, sometimes at high rates of speed. When a large truck hits a smaller vehicle, the impact can cause severe damages and injuries to occur, and depending on where the jackknife accident occurs, it can end up involving a large group of drivers, which can add to the severity of injuries experienced. For drivers of personal vehicles, it’s important to watch these trucks on the road because, often, you can best avoid these accidents if you see them before they reach you, giving you the time you need to get out of their way as best as possible.

New York and New Jersey Vehicle Accident Lawyers

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