How a Police Chase Can Injure Yo

How a Police Chase Can Injure Yo

Police Chases in the United States

Police chases can happen in just about any city, so long as there is someone living there that feels the need to run from police. These chases can involve high speeds, long distances, and put many different people in danger. While these chases commence because, typically, someone is breaking the law and needs to be taken in by police, they pose a real risk to those on the road, and they can cause an innocent bystander to suffer consequences beyond their control.

These chases are dangerous and can end up causing injuries and damage that is both expensive and irreversible, which can make life for a victim of these accidents difficult and painful. If you’ve been injured in a police chase, talk with a personal injury lawyer who can help you figure out your options and make the best choice for you to help you recover after your accident.

How You Can be Injured in a Police Chase You Are Not a Part Of

It is possible to be injured in a police chase that you aren’t involved in, which can be extremely frustrating for the victims who do end up injured. There are several different aspects to a police chase that can injure an innocent bystander, some of which include:

Being hit by a police cruiser: Police cruisers travel at fast speeds during a police chase or while they’re on their way to a police chase, which is understandable, but can cause issues for those who are simply trying to avoid the situation. Reports have been filed showing that both pedestrians and other vehicles have been involved in an accident where a police cruiser was on the way to an accident without their lights or sirens on, or that a driver was injured after a police cruiser lost control while in pursuit and crashed into them. Both cases will cause significant injuries to a driver or pedestrian, and can end up causing these victims both health and financial issues.

Being hit by the person running from the police: The person that is running from the police has not had any training in how to drive quickly while avoiding obstacles. Not to mention the fact that there is no planning for driving on a roadway that is not a closed course (even the most amazing movie chase scenes are preplanned on a closed course). When these criminals run from the police, they are only concerned about getting away, which often means they have no concern for others on the road and will cause an accident if it means they can escape. This lack of concern will contribute to injuries and damages occurring and can cause great changes in a victim’s life.

Being hit by another driver who is not paying attention to the chase: Often, other drivers are not paying attention to their surroundings and can cause an accident with others on the road. An example of this is, if a police chase is going through an intersection, others will stop to make sure the intersection is clear for them to proceed safely. If a driver is approaching the intersection but is not paying attention, they can crash into those who are stopped, causing an accident. When drivers do not pay attention to the road and what’s happening around them, it can mean that someone will get hurt, which is the last thing we want to happen.

New York and New Jersey Vehicle Injury Lawyers

Being injured in a police chase is a serious matter. The injuries that are involved in these accidents are dangerous and can cause a victim to have a major change in their life, both physically and financially. After you are injured due to the actions of a police chase, call the lawyers at the Law Offices of Robert A. Solomon of Metro Law. Our lawyers are ready to take on your case and fight for your right to compensation. Call our office today to discuss your case with us at (800) 469-6476.