How Brain Injuries Occur

How Brain Injuries Occur

How the Brain Works

Of all of the parts of and organs in our bodies, there is one that ranks as the most important of them all: The brain. Our brains control everything about us. They control our breathing, our talking, our thoughts, our feelings, our desires, and everything else in our lives. Without our brains, we would essentially be nothing but bodies that lay on the ground. Our brains are what makes each and every one of us ourselves, so logically, protecting our brain is one of the most important things we can do as living creatures.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where brain injuries can be a common occurrence. Brain injuries can occur when the head is hit with a significant amount of force. This force will cause the brain to collide with the inner walls of the skull, and can cause it to do things like swell or bleed. Any time the head is involved in an accident, a victim should visit a doctor quickly as brain damage can be best treated as soon as it’s discovered. The sooner the discovery, the sooner the treatment, and with that treatment, the less damage that occurs.

Brain injuries are a very serious medical emergency. If you or someone you know has suffered a brain injury due to the negligence of another, seeking legal representation for your court date is a good place to start when beginning legal action.

What Kind of Injuries Can Affect the Brain?

There are different classifications of brain injuries, with each class representing an injury that has different symptoms and outcomes. These classes include:

Concussion: This injury is caused by a direct and hard hit to the head, gunshots to the head, shaking the head, and whiplash. This injury can leave a person feeling dazed or confused and can cause further damage if not treated properly. Usually, care and attention immediately after this injury is important, and then after time, care can slowly be withdrawn. This injury can take up to a few years to heal, depending on its severity.

Contusion: A contusion in a bleeding in the brain, or a bruise on the brain. This injury can require surgery, depending on how big the bleed is. Since this injury cannot be seen by the naked eye, it’s important that a victim see a doctor as quickly as possible to have their head injury assessed.

Diffuse axonal: This injury is commonly known as “shaken baby syndrome.” Any time that the head is shaken violently, a tear in the anatomy of the brain can happen, which can cause a variety of problems. This injury can be permanent, so the best prevention is to not shake a baby or try to avoid incidents where your head will be shaken violently.

Any and all head injuries should be assessed by a doctor immediately to check for brain injuries. Like many injuries, the sooner the treatment is given, the greater the chance that the victim will heal with the best outcome.

Personal Injury Attorneys for You

Brain injuries can cause someone to lose motor functions, forget aspects about themselves or their life, or it can cause a person to slip into a coma and die. Any time someone is inflicted with a brain injury, there are serious consequences to those who caused the injury. If you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury, call the office of to speak with one of our lawyers about the parameters of your case. We are here to listen and help you, so call us today at (800) – 469 – 6476.