How Malnutrition Happens in Nursing Homes

How Malnutrition Happens in Nursing Homes

What Happens When You are not Fed?

When the body is not fed the food and water it needs, it can experience some very upsetting consequences. The body will grow weak, lose weight, become dehydrated, and will suffer many other uncomfortable and dangerous symptoms, too. Suffering malnutrition is a serious condition that can make life difficult or even painful to live, which is why this type of neglect is quite torturous.

While it’s hard to understand how anyone living with a roof over their head can suffer from malnutrition, it’s a tragedy that strikes every day. Many people living in the United States suffer from malnutrition, particularly those who are patients in a nursing home. Those who live in nursing homes are often dependent on their caretakers, so when a caretaker does not care enough to ensure that their patients are taken care of, or cannot ensure there are others to take care of their patients, their patients can end up being malnourished, which will kill them over time.

To suffer from malnutrition is difficult and agonizing, and it’s something no person should live with, especially when it is not their choice. If this situation has happened to you, call a personal injury lawyer to see what they can do for you and your affected loved one.

How Patients End Up Malnourished in Nursing Homes

Those who live in nursing homes can end up being malnourished for a number of reasons, all of which can be traced back to the nursing home and its staff. Some of the reasons that a patient can become malnourished while in a nursing home include:

Neglect: The possibility of being neglected in a nursing home is becoming a more real possibility since nursing home numbers are growing every year. As homes become overcrowded, patients will often fall by the wayside, missing out on the care and attention they need to subsist, let alone thrive. Many homes will also try to cut costs wherever they can so that they can save more money, and sometimes that means a patient doesn’t get all three meals a day, which can end up causing patients to become malnourished.

Lack of staff/planning: At times, nursing homes find themselves understaffed, which means that patients can and will fall through the “cracks,” missing out on things like medicine and food. These problems can cause a patient to lose weight, lack vitamins and other nutrition they need, and ultimately become sickly. These problems can also come about when a nursing home does not plan their days effectively, which means that they are not allowing staff to care for the right patients at the right times of the day.

Unwillingness to accommodate: Some nursing homes do not work to accommodate their patients, which can cause a patient to end up suffering. When patients do not have the correct diet, whether that be a diet rich in fiber or a diet that consist of lots of fruits and vegetables, they can end up being deficient in the nutrition they need, which can cause a patient to lose weight and become sick.

To be malnourished is extremely uncomfortable and in extreme pain, especially when you are in that situation against your choice. If you suspect your family member is being purposefully abused in their nursing home, talk with a lawyer who can help you take control of the situation and rectify it.

East Coast Personal Injury Lawyers

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