How Sports Injuries Can Affect Your Health

How Sports Injuries Can Affect Your Health

The Statistics of Sports Injuries

By the time an American reaches the age of twenty, a vast majority of them can say that they have participated in or enjoy playing a particular sport. These sports are seemingly endless in their numbers: basketball, football, hockey, soccer, tennis, running, golf, lacrosse, and still more after that. Of the thousands of sports out there, there are dedicated fans and players who enjoy participating in their beloved sport of choice, and they enjoy playing against those who share their love of the sport. This love usually starts out early, with roughly 30 million youth participating in a sport in their free time which continues on into adulthood. These activities are important and fun for anyone who enjoys physical activities, and many enjoy the competitive aspects of the game.

Part of the dangers of playing a sport are the injuries that can come from the competitive nature of others. When someone really wants to win, they may be willing to play harder than the others involved, which can mean harder hits that other players aren’t expecting. When someone is on the receiving end of a hard blow, they can end up experiencing some severe injuries, which in some cases can end up being catastrophic if the hit was hard enough. Catastrophic injuries are no laughing matter, and they need to be taken very seriously by the person with the injury and those treating them. Catastrophic injuries can end up being a burden to recover from both physically and financially, which is why turning to a catastrophic injury lawyer can help you when things become difficult to handle.

Catastrophic Sports Injuries

Injuries that are catastrophic that come from sporting events usually involve very specific parts of the body or very specific injuries. Some of these injuries includes:

Spinal injuries: These injuries can be the result of several different sports. Any time the spine is suspected to be injured, keeping still is a priority. Spinal injuries can result in issues like paralysis, nerve damage, and trouble with using the extremities. All of these results would highly affect the victim’s life, so it’s important that these injuries be treated quickly by a medical professional.

Broken bones: While many people experience broken bones, there are a select few who experience a broken bone that affects their life severely. These injuries can cause a victim to have to go through physical therapy, require multiple surgeries, and possibly never regain full use of the limb that suffered the break again. These injuries must be looked at by a professional and treated accordingly.

Head injuries: This is a broad term for the specific injuries that can occur to a victim’s head after being injured. These injuries can include facial injury, lacerations, injuries to the skull, and injuries to the brain. These are some of the most serious injuries you can have, and they should immediately be looked at by a doctor.

Catastrophic Injury Lawyers on the East Coast

Suffering from a catastrophic injury is difficult and frustrating. Often times, the victim was injured due to someone else’s carelessness, and it can be frustrating trying to recover from a serious injury when you aren’t at fault for it. At, we know the frustration you experience when dealing with a severe injury. We know how to take your case and go through the courts to help you get the settlement you need that will help you recover and worry less. Call us today to talk with one of our lawyers at (800) – 469 – 6476.