How to Request a Copy of Your Driving Record

How to Request a Copy of Your Driving Record

Each state distributes its own driver’s licenses via a state licensing bureau or a Department of Motor Vehicles. Each of these agencies maintains records of every driver they have licensed. These carefully-maintained records are referred to as motor vehicle records or driving records. You are able to request a copy of your individual driving record in a few different ways, and there are many reasons you may want or need to do so at some point.

What’s Included in a Driving Record

How to Request a Copy of Your Driving Record

The information contained in your driving record will vary depending on what kind of record you ask for and where you order it from. Your car insurance carrier, the New York Department of Motor Vehicles, or a private third-party provider will all be able to give you a copy of your driving record, but some agencies might leave out certain information or only include a very short time span. The DMV, which also allows you to view your driving record online, will typically give you the most comprehensive and detailed copy of your motor vehicle record. These records usually include:

  • The date your driver’s license was issued
  • The current status of your driver’s license
  • Legal name, current address, and additional personal information
  • Any convictions for driving under the influence
  • Significant car accidents and other moving violations, including traffic citations
  • Any positive or negative points on your driver’s license
  • Information concerning any license revocations or suspensions
  • Any additional administrative actions that were taken against you

New York also includes your vehicle registration history along with your driving record. Commercial drivers, such as tractor-trailer operators, will also get a report about the current standing of any driving endorsements they have. Driving records generally do not include information concerning non-vehicle related convictions or non-moving violations.

Ways to Request Your Driving Record

You can get in touch with your car insurance carrier and ask them to send you a copy of your driving record or, for a small charge, you can order your driving record online from a third-party provider. You can also contact your local DMV and ask them how to go about ordering a copy of your driving record directly from them. 

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