How to Share the Road Safely with Motorcyclists

How to Share the Road Safely with Motorcyclists

As warmer weather approaches, it is important to consider the changes we will see out on our roads. With warm weather comes an increase in the number of riders on motorcycles. Although these vehicles account for nearly 1% of traffic on the road, they are often fatally injured in more than 14% of accidents across the country. For this reason, it is crucial that we learn ways to share the road with them to ensure their safety as well as the safety of others.

Always Check Your Blind Spots

How to Share the Road Safely with MotorcyclistsMotorcycles are much smaller than other vehicles sharing the road. When traveling beside others, motorcyclists can become hidden in blind spots. Drivers who switch lanes without checking their blind spots can cause devastating accidents. For this reason, it is crucial that drivers take their time while switching lanes. Pay more attention to blind spots before switching to ensure no one is traveling near you.

Give Motorcyclists the Entire Lane

Although motorcycles are more compact, they are entitled to their own lane of traffic. When trying to pass a motorcycle, it is crucial that you move over far enough and give them the entire lane. There is no reason to cut into the lane of a motorcyclist. Even if it looks like there may be enough room, you are not entitled to share their travel space on the road. Entering into the lane of a motorcyclist could result in a devastating collision.

Treat the Turn Signals of Motorcyclists with Extra Caution

Most motor vehicles have turn signals that are self-canceling. Unfortunately, motorcyclists are not afforded this luxury. As a result, they may be traveling down the roadway without realizing their signal is activated. If you notice that a motorcyclist’s turn signal is activated over a long distance, increase the distance you have between your vehicle and theirs. This provides you with time and space to act should they decide to turn.

Get Help After Your Accident

Statistics show that more than 4,500 motorcyclists lose their lives in auto accidents across the country each year. These riders are particularly vulnerable given the fact that they are without adequate protection while riding. It is imperative that we take our time and perform various actions while sharing the road.

Although we can be proactive while sharing the road with others, there are many instances where drivers become distracted, act careless, or are reckless while operating their vehicles. When victims are harmed in devastating collisions, or loved ones lose their lives in collisions, due to the actions of others, it is crucial that their families reach out to a motorcycle accident attorney in New York as soon as possible to protect their legal rights.

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