I Am Dissatisfied With My Current New York Personal Injury Attorney

I Am Dissatisfied With My Current New York Personal Injury Attorney

Your relationship with your New York personal injury attorney, just like any other relationship, can change over time. You might wake up one morning and, for whatever reason, decide that you would be happier with an entirely different law firm. A decision of this magnitude can be particularly daunting, mostly because people tend to have this revelation when they are involved in an ongoing case and feel their attorney is not representing their best interests. 

Listed below are a few common problems that, if you encounter them, likely signal that the time for new legal representation has come.

Issues With Communication 

I Am Dissatisfied With My Current New York Personal Injury Attorney

Effective and honest communication is a critical component of any good relationship. If you feel as though you are constantly having to badger your attorney for information regarding your case, they never have time to return your calls or emails or are making decisions pertaining to your case without first discussing them with you then you are having communication issues that could have a major impact on the outcome of your claim.

Dubious Moral Principles

Attorneys are obligated to follow the standards outlined in the Rules of Professional Conduct to ensure that they are ethically representing their clients. If you think your attorney is acting in an unscrupulous or dishonest way, you have every right to voice your concerns to him or her. If they refuse to discuss the matter or disregard your concerns then it is probably time for you to look for another attorney.

In New York, residents are entitled to file a complaint with the New York State Bar Association. Your grievance will be reviewed by the Committee of Professional Responsibility who will then determine if your attorney committed an infraction.

Incompetence/Lack of Skill

If your personal injury attorney has difficulty remembering the details of your case, misses appointments, and misses important deadlines, you should strongly consider looking for a new law firm to handle your case.

If you or a member of your family has been injured in a vehicle collision, the car accident attorneys here at Metro Law are able to help you. We have the experience and the tenacity that you will need on your side if you want to obtain the full amount of financial remuneration to which New York state law says you are entitled. 

With a comprehensive understanding of the labyrinth that is New York’s legal system, our skilled personal injury attorneys understand exactly what needs to be done to reach a lucrative end to your case. We pride ourselves on our outstanding and distinguished reputations and the abundance of legal experience that we have acquired throughout our careers.

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