Injuries a Mother Can Sustain in a C-Section

Injuries a Mother Can Sustain in a C-Section

Mortality Rates of Women Who Give Birth

For many people in the United States today, starting a family is one of the biggest joys they can experience. From telling family and friends, to having the baby shower, to having the baby, it’s an experience many couples look forward to as they look to expand their family. Women in particular can be excited about giving birth, as it means that they finally get to meet the child they’ve worked so hard to protect and nurture for the past nine months. For many mothers, childbirth, whether performed vaginally or by C-section, is a positive experience, and it’s one they would not mind doing again to have another child.

Unfortunately, there are mothers who never get to meet their child after childbirth. In the United States, the mortality rate of new mothers is increasing, which is concerning since the United States is the only developed country whose maternal mortality rates are increasing over time. Women who give birth vaginally are at risk for complications, but those who have a c-section are often more at risk, as they have the complications of surgery going along with their deliveries. For women who undergo C-sections, the mortality rate numbers are extremely concerning, as not only do these women plan to give birth, but they also have a surgery scheduled to do just that, meaning more complications can be present, which can work against them when it comes to their health and mortality.

For women who suffer from complications after a C-section, compensation may be owed to you. A lawyer who is versed in medical malpractice and surgery errors can discuss your case with you and help you find out just what is owed to you.

Injuries Sustained in a C-Section

C-sections are surgeries performed on pregnant women who cannot or should not give birth vaginally. These surgeries are fairly common and should be performed easily, however, not every surgery goes flawlessly, and some women suffer due to these complications which, if not treated quickly or correctly, can lead to death. Some injuries suffered by pregnant women include:

Infected incisions: When an incision becomes infected, it must be attended to immediately. Infections that go untreated can cause serious complications that can lead to death. Treatments for this injury can include antibiotics, additional surgery, and daily cleaning of the incision.

Anesthesia injuries: While most women are not put under anesthesia to have a c-section performed, some are. When the anesthesia is not delivered correctly or at the right dosage, a woman can suffer injuries and other complications, which can hinder her abilities to be a mother or lead a normal life.

Blood clots and internal bleeding: These complications are serious and can often be ignored by medical staff, as experienced by millions of women, including Serena Williams. These complications will end up either killing a new mother, or causing her extreme injury, of which she may never be able to fully recover. These complications need to be looked at and attended to as soon as they are suspected.

Medical Malpractice Attorneys

When suffering from an error made by your doctor after a C-section, life can be very frustrating and difficult. At, we know how these complications can affect you and your life as a new mother. We can review your case and see what compensation is owed to you and help you get back to life with your new family. Call us today at (800) – 469 – 6476.

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