Injuries That Occur at a Railroad

Injuries That Occur at a Railroad

Railroad Accident Statistics

Once used as the only way to travel across the country in class and style, railroads today are more often used to transport goods and materials instead of people. Railroads are seen within many towns and across stretches of the American landscape, so while they are rarely used for mass transportation anymore, they are still a part of the lives of Americans today. Railroads and trains are pieces of wonder for children, and some children become so interested in this transport system that they choose to take their curiosity into their adulthoods and work with these “iron work horses” as a career.

Trains and railroads are important to America’s way of life, but they also hold within them dangerous consequences when safety is not followed. In the Untied States, discounting the numbers from suicides and trespassing statistics, there has been a recent rise in injuries and fatalities resulting from railroad accidents, which is surprising since trains and railroads today are expected to uphold a certain level of safety for their passengers and workers. Railroads are areas that hold within them extreme dangers, and so they should be treated with respect and caution.

Even with safety rules in place, injuries can still happen at railroads, especially if said safety rules are ignored or not followed closely. If you have been injured at a railroad due to the negligence of staff or others, looking into a personal injury attorney who can help you gain the compensation you deserve can be beneficial and help you as you recover.

What Injuries Can Happen on a Railroad?

Injuries that occur at railroads can be particularly devastating due to the size and power of the machinery operating there. Some injuries that can be sustained at railroads includes:

Crushing injuries: Trains and the equipment used to load and unload the trains are big and heavy. When someone is crushed by any of these machines, it can result in crushing injuries, which can include broken bones, bruised and burst organs, internal bleeding, and disfigurement. Any time someone suffers a crushing injury, they should be seen by a doctor immediately.

Amputation: Amputation by trauma means that an amputation has occurred due to a force that caused significant amounts of damage. Amputations can happen due to being crushed, to being run over, or due to being pinned between two objects. These injuries, depending on the severity, can be life threatening, and will need to be seen by a doctor.

Injuries due to falls: At railroads, there are platforms that can be quite high off of the ground. If someone falls from this platform, it can result in injuries such as broken bones, lacerations, and dislocations, depending on how high the fall was. These injuries should also be assessed by a doctor, but typically should not be life threatening.

New York and New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyers

Railroads can be dangerous areas to work in and can be dangerous to passengers or others who live around them. When you are injured due to the negligence of someone who works at or operates a railroad or a train, you may be entitled to compensation. At, we are experienced in these cases and can work to help bring you the justice you deserve. Call our office to speak to us about your case today at (800) – 469 – 6476.