Marlboro, N.J. – Two Tractor-Trailer Accident Causes 6,000 Gallon Fuel Spill on Route 9

Marlboro, N.J. – Two Tractor-Trailer Accident Causes 6,000 Gallon Fuel Spill on Route 9

Marlboro, N.J. (February 22, 2019) – Two tractor-trailers crashed Friday morning in Marlboro, causing roughly 6,000 gallons of fuel to be spilled onto the roadway along with injuring one of the truck drivers. The New Jersey tractor-trailer truck accident occurred at the intersection of Route 9 and Route 520 and caused both evacuations and major delays for those on the road and in the surrounding areas.

The two tractor-trailers collided at the intersection mentioned above, causing one tanker to leak roughly 3,500 galloons of diesel fuel while the other leaked roughly 2,500 gallons of gasoline. The spill covered much of the highway and intersection.

The driver of the truck that was leaking the fuel was taken to the hospital to treat minor injuries. Meanwhile, the roadway was closed and many people were evacuated due to the health risks this fuel spill posed. Crews have the situation under control, according to the Marlboro Mayor Jon Hornik.

New Jersey Tractor-Trailer Accidents

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