Marlboro, NJ – Multi-Vehicle Collision on Rt 9 near Texas Rd

Marlboro, NJ – Multi-Vehicle Collision on Rt 9 near Texas Rd

Marlboro, NJ (October 2, 2023) – Police in Marlboro shut down all lanes of Route 9 on Monday, October 2, after a serious car crash took place. Responders including EMTs, fire crews, and police officers were dispatched to the crash site that involved at least four vehicles on Monday morning. 

The multi-vehicle collision was reported to have caused injuries and extensive traffic delays, as Route 9 was closed from Texas Road to Union Hill Road for an extended time period to allow crews to work in the area. 

The injured victims were taken to the hospital by ambulance. At this time, their identities have not been reported. 

Authorities in Marlboro are still investigating the details of the incident.

New Jersey Auto Collisions

Marlboro, NJ - Multi-Vehicle Collision on Rt 9 near Texas RdNew Jersey sees hundreds of thousands of car crashes per year. These collisions cause tens of thousands of individuals to sustain injuries and hundreds to lose their lives. Unfortunately, most of them happen because of drivers who are over-tired, speeding, intoxicated, or distracted. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Association reports that more than 90% of auto collisions in the US happen because of negligent drivers. Negligent driving is now the main reason that American people suffer injuries and lose their lives. 

Being hurt in an accident caused by negligence is difficult. If this has happened to you or someone you love, you may be dealing with injuries that are painful, debilitating, and expensive to recover from. You may be facing emotional turmoil and financial burdens stemming from your crash injuries. The average price of recovering from a severe car crash injury is in the tens of thousands of dollars in the United States. This can seem overwhelming for anyone to try and tackle on their own. 

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