New York Auto Accidents Attorney

New York Car Accidents Attorney

Representing Injured Car Accident Victims in Newark & New York

Compensation for injuries suffered in car accidents largely involves two issues: evaluation of injuries and insurance law. If your attorney is not familiar with all aspects of no-fault insurance and coverage laws or is inexperienced in documenting your injuries and their causes, your case can suffer as a result.

At the personal injury law firm of MetroLaw.Com, we have developed our car accident litigation skills over 30 years and have successfully recovered awards for thousands of car and truck accident victims.

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Our firm’s lawyers work with a range of experts when building a car accident case:

  • Investigators to prove the liability of the person who injured you
  • Doctors to prove that your accident caused or exacerbated your injuries
  • Financial experts to determine your financial loss, including lost earning potential and loss of earnings


  • Our client’s car was sideswiped by a drunk driver, resulting in serious injury to our client and the death of her spouse. Our client’s injury claim resulted in a $305,000 award.
  • A negligent driver made a U-turn in front of the vehicle our client was riding in as a passenger. Our client suffered a debilitating and painful fracture. This case is still in settlement negotiations, with a current six-figure offer.
  • An individual made a U-turn in front of our client while our client was driving a work truck. Our client was thrown from his vehicle and suffered crushing injuries to both legs. Our client was awarded $1 million in damages.

Each case in New Jersey and New York is unique and results will vary depending on the facts of each case.

We can assist clients in managing medical bills, resolving property damage claims and filing claims against insurance companies or negligent parties to recover for damages. If you or a loved one has suffered a serious truck or car accident injury, including a broken bone, a displaced fracture, disfiguring scars, fatal injuries, wrongful death, or the loss of a limb, fetus or organ, we can help. Injured in a wreck? Contact us today!

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