Aviation Accidents

Skilled Aviation Accident Attorneys

Injuries from airplane accidents are almost always serious. If you or a loved one has been injured in an aviation accident, a personal injury lawyer experienced in litigating both serious injuries and airplane accidents can help you obtain the financial compensation you deserve.

From our offices in Newark and in New York, the personal injury law firm of MetroLaw.Com has won substantial awards for victims of plane crashes. In one case, a commercial jet crashed due to lack of fuel. Our attorneys argued that better handling of the situation in the air and on the ground could have prevented the accident. Seventy-three people were killed and 85 were injured, including our client and our client’s son. We sued the airline for over $200 million to compensate our client and our client’s family for pain and suffering, loss of income and punitive damages.

Each Case Is Unique And Results Will Vary Depending On The Facts Of Each Case

Aircraft accidents can result from a failure of the plane, failure to properly maintain the plane and failure to properly respond to a problem or crisis. If you were injured or a loved one was injured or killed in an airplane crash, we can work to determine whether the airline, manufacturer, airport, maintenance company or contract pilot was negligent and sue for damages.

In aviation accidents, the federal government is usually the lead investigator. We can work with federal agencies and investigators, as well as medical care providers, to gather facts and build your case. Also, airplane crashes usually involve multiple levels of errors. We are experienced in investigating and litigating aviation accidents. We can solve the complex issues of multiple liability and insurance and pursue the award you deserve.

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